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How do you think you would get on practising Mindfulness in a busy market place? Most people (not all) think that  Mindfulness means to sit in the lotus position in peaceful surroundings.  Not true, it can be found in every situation, while on your lunch break, while walking to your next appointment, rushing on the school run etc.. I wanted to spread the word about a global Mindfulness Project called Street Wisdom.

I have been a volunteer for Street Wisdom for six months, it is a not for profit organisation who want to spread Mindfulness in a way that is accessible and understandable, which you can fit into a normal busy day. 

I first read about Street Wisdom in Psychologies magazine 2 years ago.  It is totally free and the sessions run over 3 hours.  You book direct with their website It is suggested if you need the answer to a life question - to bring that question with you.

Participants meet at our studios, we have a quick introduction, a couple of ice breakers and a briefing on the concept of how to use Mindfulness in your normal daily life without "trying to fit anything else in".

As a group we then head off to the Market Square and participants are given a series of instructions over 40 minutes which form part of a stilling process.  They are then instructed to wander on their own for an hour.  We then meet back at our studios for a hot drink and to hear everyone's experiences. I am always blown away by how the concept works and how empowered people feel when they leave.

They realise that by stilling or slowing down their minds and bodies, by noticing what they are drawn to, identifying patterns in their behaviour they are connecting with their intuition and listening to the Universe to find answers.

Street Wisdom is only currently adults, but we have permission from the organisation to run their first family event during the Easter holidays for families with children over 9 years.  If you want to find out more visit the links below.

Gail Donnan

Owner and Author, The Mindfulspace Wellbeing Company

I have been working in the holistic/well-being industry since 1995. In this time I have trained as a traditional counsellor, holistic therapist, Mindfulness Practitioner, a Teacher in Further Education, Meditation Teacher, Bach Flower Essence Practitioner, Qi Gong Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner and life coach. I have spent ten years teaching others and own The Mindfulspace Wellbeing Company in Ripon, North Yorkshire which is an accredited training centre in wellbeing modalties. I have written a self-development book, offer workshops, Retreats and a study program to help people inspire change in their lives. I specialise in mental health issues, anxiety, depression and inspiring others to make life and career changes towards the well-being industry. I am a published Author of "The Gateway - A journey to re-claim your power from Stress and Anxiety".

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