It's OK to be Unsure.

It's time to ask yourself why you're sticking with things that don't add value or joy to your life. What meaning are you attaching to the decisions you make?

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Where did we pick up this idea that we need have it all figured out? Or that we must stick to the decisions we made months or years ago?

Who made up these rules and what does it mean about us if we break them? 

Does it make us bad people, flakey and unreliable, wasters, selfish, irresponsible, childish or non-starters? 

What is it that we think will happen if we head into the unknown or act from our feelings rather than our heads? 

For me, I used to feel that it was too late to choose another path, that I was too old to start again (and I was only in my twenties!!). I thought that I needed to have certain levels of success by the time I was thirty, that I should be a certain point, earning a certain amount of money and I worried that if I started again I wouldn’t get there in time. 

I thought that this would make me a failure or not good enough in some way, as if my measure of worthiness as a human being depended on how much money I was earning or how far along I was in my career by a certain age. 

I mean WTF right? That seems nuts to me now, but I know a lot of people hold this belief and it stresses them the f**k out, just like it stressed me out too. 

Not only did it stress me out but it held me back for a long time when it came to taking action and listening to the call of my intuition, which was telling me that my way of living wasn’t authentically me and it wasn’t making me happy. 

I resisted listening to it because while I could feel it was true, I had no idea what was next. I didn’t know what was authentically me, what I should be doing or what path I should take next.

And those thoughts scared me which meant that not only was I stressed the f**k out, I was also scared as f**k too! 

The thing I want to share with you here is that just because it may be unclear right now what you need to do next or what you want overall, it mustn’t stop you from taking action.

Action even in some small way is still action and with action comes clarity. It may be scary because you’re venturing into the unknown but choose to see it as an adventure and have fun with it. See it almost as a scavenger hunt or like being a detective for your soul. 

What is it that lights you up, that feels right and exciting even if it doesn’t make logical sense at this point? 

This is the time for courage but also for not taking yourself too seriously. Let go of the belief that you have to find your purpose and know exactly how to live into it on your first go. Remember, it’s an adventure, there will be loads more to discover on the way.

The way you choose to go on this adventure is up to you, you can choose to keep working a job that you know isn’t your true calling but affords you to stay in some nice hotels whilst you go your adventure. Or you can choose to jack it all in and backpack your way through it. Neither is right or wrong, it’s totally your call.

Either way, so long as you’re on your adventure you will discover and experience what you need too. It all just starts with the courage to get going, to take the first few steps without pressuring yourself into doing it one particular way. Instead let the journey teach you, let it show you what it needs to show you. Be open and willing to learn from all the wonders and all the challenges and you will grow from it like nothing else. 

It’s ok if you’re unsure of what’s around the corner, that’s all part of the fun. Tell yourself that whatever it is, you’ll make the best of it because you’re looking at it through a lens of empowerment and wonder, not fear and insecurity.

Trust that the answers will come because I promise you they will if you’re open to seeing them. 

Remember, don’t take yourself too seriously. Take the damn pressure off and have fun with it, it’s an adventure not a test.




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Amy Shefik

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I help people navigate their way through the challenges and expectations of being a grown up in modern society, whilst building happiness, self-worth and having more fun.


Go to the profile of Daigo Kamada
almost 4 years ago

Fantastic piece! For four years I was doing something I felt dispassionate. And those fears you described plagued my life. Thoughts of inadequacy, self-pity, and guilt were high. I clanged to the notions of duty and "what I was supposed to do". Finally, I was able to leave that work, and hopefully in this new year I will start my transition to what I believe (with some doubts) it is what I feel more attuned to me.

Thank you for writing this piece, your video posts and writing on Facebook and other media. You are helping so many people.

Go to the profile of Amy Shefik
almost 4 years ago

Thank you so much Daigo, I'm so excited for you and your new transition :) Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it!