Welcome! Get Ready to Play!

PSST! Style is never really about the clothes. It’s how the clothes make you feel. It’s the woo-hoo they bring out in you. Like Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz said, “You had the power all along.” Sometimes you just need a pair of ruby slippers to remind you.

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Welcome! I'm so glad you're here.

My aim in this blog - and in my column 'How to Look Like Yourself' - is to create a deep, meaningful conversation about clothes and self-expression.

Style is about courage. It's about allowing ourselves time to play.

Style is about creating a safe space for the real you to emerge.

And this is what we're here to do together - create a fun, connected, collaborative community where we explore and teach each other how to look more like ourselves.

Sure, there are 'rules' about colours and shapes of clothes, and we can talk about those if you wish.

But style also requires abandon and giving less of a toss.

My hope is to get really, really real here, and to figure out what that might look like in clothes.

Sartorial exploration, in this light, is not about covering up flaws. It's driven instead by the joy of exploring your full potential.

Some of the topics I'd love to cover:

  • Blitzing comparison - and the corrosive self-talk that comes with it
  • Where YOU get style inspiration
  • How play stokes up your style
  • Giving yourself permission to stretch your comfort zone
  • Moving your style on (it's evolution, baby!)
  • How you want to FEEL in your clothes

I'm so excited to have you along on this journey. I invite you to join the conversation.

Dr. Mandy Lehto

Coach, Presence Expert, Courage-Builder, Possibilitarian, www.mandylehto.com

Hey gorgeous! Have we met? I'm Dr. Mandy Lehto, speaker, coach and writer who helps amazing people get out of their own way already. Nearly ten years ago, I waved adios to my senior investment banking job in London to help as many people as possible start living their un-lived lives. Nowadays, I spend a disturbing amount of time thinking about overcoming fear and the obstacles we place in our own way (we are bizarre creatures, aren't we?). If being braver, a bit more bonkers, and living on purpose is your thing too (squeal!), lets hang out here, and come for green tea over at mine on www.mandylehto.com