Introducing my new podcast series for schools, families and individuals

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I've begun a podcast series called 52 WAYS to WELLBEING, with a weekly idea for building your physical and mental health and resilience. Each episode will be under 10 minutes and perfect for:

  • Schools to use in assemblies or tutor groups or PSHE lessons
  • Families to listen to over a meal time - and then discuss!
  • Individuals to listen to on their way to work or over a cup of tea

There are three episodes so far and they will usually go out weekly on a Friday.

  1. The introduction
  2. #1: SET SMART GOALS - What is "Smart" goal-setting and how to we do it?
  3. #2: RELAXATION IS NOT A LUXURY - Daily relaxation: why, what and how

I'll get better at this (my voice doesn't sound very relaxed, even though I am) but meanwhile I am looking for a great (and simple!) piece of podcast recording and editing software to replace the one I'm using, which is excellent but has been discontinued just as I've got the hang of it! 

I've also just had my website redone and you'll find lots of articles on it about loads of aspects of wellbeing and teenage brain/life stuff. I'll often put them here on Life Labs, too. 

Do let me know if there's anything you'd like me to write about here.

Have a wonderful 2018. Work hard and play hard; do well and feel well! Your brain is largely in your hands.

Nicola Morgan

Author and speaker about adolescence, -

Nicola Morgan is a multi-award-winning author for and about teenagers and an renowned speaker at conferences and schools around the world. Her classic book on the teenage brain, BLAME MY BRAIN – THE TEENAGE BRAIN REVEALED, was followed by THE TEENAGE GUIDE TO STRESS and THE TEENAGE GUIDE TO FRIENDS and innovative multimedia teaching resources on the brain and mental health, BRAIN STICKS™, STRESS WELL FOR SCHOOLS and EXAM ATTACK. Her next books are POSITIVELY TEENAGE (May) and LIFE ONLINE (June). She writes articles at www.nicolamorgan.com