Life, can be a journey or a quest.

Everything in life, absolutely everything has a beginning, middle and end. Some of us call it a journey, others call it a tragedy, maybe a romance. How about a quest. What's your story?

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Jan 17, 2018
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I have begun 2018 telling everyone that I want to make this year an Adventure. So, you can imagine my surprise when the Wheel of Life Action sheet for 2018 became available to me for printing this year, thanks to Life Labs. For those who are subscribers and have been reading for a while, you will understand where this blog is going. But for the new reader, who didn’t stumble across the February 2017 Edition of the Psychologies Magazine, let's take a little step back in time.

Back in February 2017 I came upon the Psychologies Magazine whilst doing a supermarket sweep. Now, this may get a little confusing, but I have just realised it wasn’t February at all, it was March 2017. The editions available in the shop were a month behind, but I still bought it, there was something about the cover that intrigued me. It read:

Reinvent your life in 2017.

I bought it and once I had put all of the shopping away, I sat down with this backdated copy and began to read. It was the most refreshing experience I had ever had. Refreshing, because I had finally found a magazine that appealed to me. Normally, I look for a good book, and still do. However, after reading so many articles about health, nutrition, balancing the body and creating calm. I decided to use it as a resource in my field as a Creative Writer.

I am so glad I did.

Within the pages of the February 2017 edition, I found a Wheel of Life which had eight segments, and I was very aware that the Author Susan Jeffers, Feel the fear and do it anyway (2007) had explained all about a nine-segment life grid when I read it in 2013. So, I wasn’t afraid to give it a try and decided a whirl-wind approach, choosing, identifying what made me, ME. This is something I have to know when I am pulling together a poem or a short story, removing myself as a character is important to me. 

I identified that Adventure was something I lacked in 2017.

I pulled together a vision board and stripped the February Edition of images that appealed to me, and stuck lots of images of who I was, or maybe aspired to become, onto the cork board. I needed to physically see all in one place, what appealed to me? Not my neighbour, nor my friend, nor my parents, nor my children, what appealed to ME? 

It felt quite egotistical at first, because I had spent my whole life up until that day in March 2017, always, I mean it, always placing myself at the back.

Putting myself first, seemed wrong! 

It has been a lengthy process of reflection, vision board updates and positive thinking. However, I have gleaned the experience and knowledge: in taking care of ourselves we are in turn looking after others.

Gently, treading carefully, this is a new way of thinking:

It has taken many months of adjustment and nowadays, I say yes to the things in life that generate a feeling inside of ME that feels good, and I say No to the moments where I think my presence may hinder rather than help.

Recently, I realised my professional background has burdened me in the present, because I can be super-protective. I worked in an environment that had a safeguarding policy for every move we made. I realise the experience has created a focused and sharp awareness of risk aversion, preventing me from taking a risk every once in a while, because some rules are meant to be tried and tested. This is how we learn.   

We all learn by communicating our strengths and weaknesses.

So, as I return to the present and begin to share my experiences in the moments of taking a Life Leap and absolutely loving the Psychologies Magazine (I am now a month ahead) and the February edition has launched the opportunity to recreate the vision board again, with tools provided this time and with. . .  Creativity replacing Adventure as a segment?

My creativity is all filled up, I love writing a blog on One Writer's Progress. I will enjoy updating Life Labs on my experience in using the tools provided by the Psychologies Team. My creativity segment is filled up with writing stories, poetry and blogs, inspiring creative arts and crafts with my children. Exploring and making full use of digital technology. I adore opportunities for creativity and welcome new opportunities in.

I am on a Quest, as the Creative Writer.  I have bought the ticket (subscribed to Psychologies Magazine) I am headed for new realms unknown to me. I am ready for the challenge.

My intention is to share my experiences and knowledge as the Creative Writer and with a little self-belief I will hope to share my adventures, encouraging both myself and maybe others to be more self-aware that knowledge is not static, some people feel like they are being left behind, I believe too many of us are rushing too far ahead.  What matters is that we stay open to learning. 

The more we know, the many choices we gain accessibility to.  

Next time: I’ll be sharing my take on the No-Limits Worksheets for January 2018, soon. I may be a month or so behind, but the beauty of sharing in the written form, once you have copy of it, it is there for when you need it.

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Haulwen Nicholas 5 months ago

Great post Julie

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Work experience 5 months ago

So glad Psychologies inspired your quest! X