24 April is Fashion Revolution Day - What's It All About?

While many of us love clothes, we often have no idea where they came from, or who made them. "Feel-good fashion" can mean more than jeans that make your bum look good.

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As someone who thinks about clothes a disturbing amount of the time, I know the power of the humble garment. The perfect jeans can be a game-changer. The right dress can rock your world. Most of us understand that.

While many of us love clothes, we often have no idea where they come from, or who made them. “Feel-good fashion” for me always meant feeling great because my clothes were colourful or made my bum look half-decent.

When I interviewed John-Paul Flintoff and read his book, Sew Your Own, ‘feel-good’ clothes took on new meaning.

What if clothes we loved also felt great because we cared where and how they were made?

A New Way To Think About Feel-Good Fashion

Flintoff has created a short, thought-provoking film to mark Fashion Revolution Day, 24 April. The message is simple and powerful: consumers have a growing interest in wearing clothes that haven’t caused harm while being made.

This is not anti-fashion. It’s not a hemp revolution (unless that’s your thing). This is simply a message to manufacturers that consumers want to be stylish and caring. The two can co-exist.

So What Can I Do?

Flintoff suggests two easy ways to get involved:

1. “Share this message,” he says. “One of the advisers closely connected to the Fashion Revolution Day campaign is a banker who deals with ethical investment funds. He told us very clearly: if we get lots of social media support we can harvest that data and prove to manufacturers that there is an appetite for change.”

2. “On 24 April, turn a garment #insideout, take a photo, and Tweet it, Facebook it, or send it directly to the manufacturer, asking what they know about the people who made it.”

So what will you wear on 24 April?

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