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Hi, I'm Alison and I was lucky enough to be brought into a great team of people as one of the new Psychologies Ambassadors. Last autumn a call was put out in the October issue of Psychologies magazine looking for people who could be a beacon of hope and wisdom to share their story of overcoming something in their life, whatever it may be - obstacles, trauma or difficult times, and we all have our own story.

My story was one that included a colourful spectrum of unfortunate events, beginning with the end of a relationship, and spiralling through leaving my home, changing jobs, heartbreak, health issues, emotional blackmail, and hitting rock bottom. Something had to change, and during this time I had started reading Psychologies magazine, something I had never even seen before! Reading the magazine felt like I was reading the secret manuscript to life, and most strikingly - my life. Every issue each month had articles and dossiers that completely resonated with me and helped to keep me going through the tidal waves of my life. There was one quote I remember reading which said "this too shall pass", and I kept telling myself this every time I felt like I couldn't get through the waves. It made complete sense, no matter what pain I was going through, it wouldn't last. I also realised that on the flip side of this, whatever happiness I felt at times, that wouldn't last either. Initially I felt discouraged by this until I realised that life is all about balance and learning to sail across the waves instead of struggling to get through them. Yes, there would be times when I would feel completely defeated, but guaranteed the next day or in a couple of days it would be different story. Slowly but surely I began to change things around and built myself a life that I now feel happy to live once again.

Behind the clouds there is always a blue sky - something to always remember.

So that is a little bit about how and why I am here. I want to be able to share with you everything that I have learnt on my journey and everything I am still learning. I want inspire you and encourage you to not only achieve and succeed but thrive. Life is complicated, there will always be ups and downs, challenges and difficult things to face, but what better way than to do it together? 

Within my blog posts I will be sharing as much knowledge and experience as I have and you will hopefully get to know me a little better. A lot of my posts will  also include ways I try to stay healthy through food, fitness and nutrition. I will  explore both physical and mental health issues were I have a couple of areas I will focus on that directly affect me such as living with anxiety and endometriosis. I will share my experiences on these subjects and hopefully we can get some great conversations started to help spread knowledge, awareness, positivity and support. 

I hope you have had a great start to the year so far, and I look forward to starting this great journey with you. Thanks for reading and hopefully I will see you back here again soon. 

A x

P.S If you are a Psychologies subscriber then don't forget to join the Life Leap Club and come say hi over on the Facebook group where myself and the lovely team of ambassadors can't wait to meet you all. 

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Alison Julie Hammond

Content Creator, Ambassador @ Psychologies Magazine

Ambassador at Psychologies Magazine | Endo Warrior | Anxiety Battler | Self Development Enthusiast.