Excuses, Excuses!

Do you believe your own excuses? Stop and listen to yourself. Are your excuses holding you back?

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It is time to stop making excuses for why you don’t have what you “want”.  I am talking about the constant excuses that many of us give ourselves for not taking action to get to our goals.

I listen to a lot of excuses and don’t get me wrong I can be pretty good at making them myself but I recognise my own excuses and don’t allow myself to be held back.   This didn’t happen overnight rather a concerted effort to set goals and achieve them.

Excuses are easy to make and even easier to action.  I have just been sitting with a group of ladies all discussing weight loss and fitness and the myriad of excuses has just blown me away and it made me think that these types of excuses are used constantly by many to stop them moving forward to any of their goals.  We all have busy lives, we all have issues we need to deal with but honestly please don’t use them as excuses to not move forward to where you want to be. You may be going through a divorce, you may be busy at work, you may be a single parent, you may even have health problems but don’t throw that reason in the path of success.  Yes you may have to change your route a little and work with and around some of the things that life throws at you but please don’t make excuses because that is all that they are.

Excuses are weird things.  If we hear excuses from family and friends we easily see through them.  In fact we are amazing at recognising others excuses but our own, well that is a different story.  We love to make excuses and even more we are brilliant at convincing ourselves that they are reasoned and reasonable.  We believe our own excuses wholeheartedly and convince ourselves that we “can’t” do things and create incredible reasons “not” to do things.

It is time to recognise your excuses as they are just that, excuses! If you want to get fit, get out the door and start training.  Start slow, but start.  Be consistent and follow through with a plan you have set.  If you want to lose weight then change how you live and how you eat.  It is not a part time solution and something that can be picked up and put down.  That is the yo yo effect. That term yo yo dieting is so apt.  Instead make changes and stick to them.   I have changed my eating and fitness goals and I am proud that I reached my set goal but now  I can’t just give up, instead I stick to the plan, I have changed my outlook on health and fitness and I am in it for the long term.  Excuses like I will start next week or I can’t eat well because I am just not in the right head space is crap.  It is an excuse and one that people use to find comfort but ultimately they will never reach their goal. Never!

Here are my top tips to beat excuses!!

  1.  Stop making excuses and if you can’t stop then at least recognise when you are making them and acknowledge it for what it is.  If you have some sort of life event or obstacle then rather than giving up just work out how you will get around it.  There will be a way.
  2. Don’t put things off – if you have something that needs to be done and you know you are avoiding it don’t allow yourself to do anything else until it is done.  It will never be as bad as you thought and the relief of getting that job sorted is just awesome.
  3. Make a plan and stick to it.  Yes you can tweak a plan if needed or if you think it needs changing but schedule your working week and make it happen
  4. Remember the goal you are thinking of and visualise and imagine that feeling of reaching it.
  5. Get help and support – Sometimes it is hard to do the journey on your own and getting a coach or a buddy can really help you reach your goals. Tell someone your goal and when you are going to reach it.  Often the fact you have told someone will help that goal be realised.
  6. Stay away from the “drains” of this world.  Those people that suck the energy out of you.  People that think they are being kind by supporting your excuses and “allow” you to wimp out.  Stay away from any negativity about what you are doing.  There is a huge difference between negativity and constructive feedback.  Choose the latter. 

I have achieved a lot in my life and I don’t think it was until recently that I realised I have a strong mind-set to get things done.  I have played top level volleyball, working my way up from a beginner to the top Division in a few years,   I graduated as an Osteopath and teacher, I have created a successful clinic and totally smashed my health and fitness goals.  How have I done it?........

 I will never “wait until Monday” to start. I will never use another problem in my life to stop me moving forward, in fact that positively spurs me on. When I have hit rock bottom (and I have) I may wallow in sadness and overwhelm for a while but I have then picked myself back up and worked hard for what I truly want.  My fitness and how I eat is a life change not a fad or something that I stop and start at.  Life is for living and I am living it on my terms.  


Helen Bullen

Director , Helen Bullen (Therapist Business Coaching) and Fine Fettle Multi-healthcare