New year = new name

Happiest of 2018 to all of you gorgeous and special readers!

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Out with the old and in with the new (well newish!).  All this new year, new start stuff leaves me and probably loads of us feeling a bit bluh and setting myself up for failure quick smart.  Soooo since I split up from my second husband in Summer I didn’t want to change my name back to my maiden name again because I was embarrassed.  Well I was worried about what others thought, either at work, social media etc but then my aha moment came... I actually DONT CARE what anyone else thinks, that for me is a year-changer, right there.

I worried that I was stepping back in my life my reverting my name, more blo*dy worrying.  When actually I need to embrace my original name and all that I achieved growing up and all the experiences in my life that bring me back to it.

So if you’re out there thinking about changing your name back and are worried, embarrassed, think it’s a hassle or even can’t wait to do it, then do!  And remember, you won’t need to practice your signature 👏🏻

Be amazing in 2018

Sarah x

Sarah Baird (Sassy B)

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