A New Year's Resolution of a Different Kind - Part One

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As we welcome in 2018, many of us will want to make positive changes. We may want to reduce our alcohol intake or cut it out, at least for a while. We may want a healthier diet, or at least cut out unhealthy sugars; and many of us will want to take more exercise. This is excellent, but if we are not mindful about how we go about it, it can put added pressure on an already overloaded nervous system.

Consider a New Year's resolution of a different kind, such as being more in touch with yourself than you would normally be. Honour yourself, not just physically, but emotionally and psychologically too. Consider a New Year's resolution of just sitting still, for half an hour a day, without the TV or radio on, or computer, tablet or smart phone; not even a book or magazine. For half an a hour a day, just sit still and be with yourself, your body, your feelings, and your thoughts. Give yourself the loving attention and presence you would have no problem giving a dearly beloved partner, child or friend.

You might find that this is not easy and for some it may even be quite difficult. You might question, 'what is this saying about my feelings towards myself?

Try it. Give the little aches and pains the mindful attention and rest they need. Give whatever is niggling you, that you keep pushing to the back of your mind, the space to come forward and speak to you. It may speak of feelings that need release, or a much overdue and needed change in your life. Give yourself quiet time with nothing to do where you can just be as you are without having to be anything in particular for anyone. And be gentle with yourself if you find there's a lot of busyness, chaos and even turmoil going on inside. Notice that distraction is first going on within before we grab for something external to distract us from our discomfort. And if you find quietness inside, rest there awhile, you are close to the place of true rest.

Resolve to take the first step towards coming home to yourself. Set aside a time and space for just half an hour a day for you to just be present with you. You're worth it!

If you feel the need for support for this, consider coming to my six week Mindfulness meditation course starting Monday February 19th. If deeper issues arise, you might want to consider counselling and psychotherapy.

Part two next week.

Sabu Bhugobaun, Psychotherapist/Counsellor

MA Psychotherapy, Dip. Psychotherapy, Dip. Counselling, Adv Cert. Counselling Skills. I help people who are suffering from all kinds of issues. I help people befriend their inner world, feel their feelings, and come to a new understanding of who they are, what they stand for, and how this might take expression in the world. I am trained to the standards of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and accredited with the Association of Psychospiritual Practitioners. I have 19 years of clinical experience providing highly effective support to adults for a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, abuse, trauma and PTSD, eating disorders, addictive behaviour, anger, childhood related issues, relationship issues, bereavement, mid life crisis, and more. I believe in the strength of the supportive therapeutic relationship to facilitate growth and healing. My core model is Integrative Psychosynthesis which includes aspects of many other therapeutic modalities. I also teach mindfulness to clients who wish to learn, and I run Mindfulness courses. Call 020 8780 9449 for a preliminary chat or email sabu@putneycounsellingandpsychotherapy.co.uk. Or visit my website. http://putneycounsellingandpsychotherapy.co.uk/