Is ‘Dry January’ Actually Possible?

31 days, during the bleakest month of the year, completely sober, heaven or utter hell?

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I’ve attempted ‘Dry January’ for the last 3 or 4 years now and, spoiler alert, I’ve failed within the first week each time. It’s not that I’m a binge drinker, in fact I haven’t gone clubbing since about 2013 and, to the detriment of my wallet, become quite the snob when it comes to what I drink these days. Why then is it so hard for me to stay off the sauce for a mere 744 hours?

I do ok for myself health wise; regular yoga, mediation, eat as plant based as I possibly can and roughly get my 8 hours each night. Would I love more energy, a better night’s sleep and to lose an inch off my love handles, errrr OBVIOUSLY!? So what on earth is stopping me from completing this simple task then you ask?

It boils down to a single word: Association.

Got a promotion? Crack open the bubbles.

Horrible day at work? ‘You deserve a cheeky glass with dinner’

A date, a meet up with friends? It’s desk to pub within the hour.

Maybe it’s London, maybe it’s the 20 something lifestyle or maybe it’s just become the cultural norm that the average person’s social life revolves around food and drink these days. Either way, it’s become harder and harder to break the booze cycle and stay on the wagon.

Having spent a month in a Thai Shala without caffeine, meat, sugar and alcohol a couple of years ago, I know it’s physically possible for me to go cold turkey, it’s just that for some reason I don’t waaaaant to. Is it the fear that my social life will evaporate, that I will find myself bound to a sofa for 31 days, alone and bored to tears? Maybe it’s an ingrained habit holding me back from a T-total utopia of possibilities. Maybe nothing terrible will happen and I’ll just get on with my life as normal because it really isn’t the big deal my head keeps telling me it is. Either way, it’s too late now, I’ve committed. 

2018 is the year I will FINALLY complete a ‘Dry January’. It’s going to be one hell of a long journey but I'm prepared, it's mind over matter….

‘Cheers’ to that! ;)

**For anyone thinking of taking on the challenge with me, why not sign up to one of the many charities running ‘Dry January’ schemes. Not only will you be doing something great for yourself, you’ll be raising money for a wonderful cause at the same time. GOOD LUCK! x

Liz Morphew

Psychologies Magazine Ambassador and Contributor, Singer Songwriter

Psychologies Magazine Ambassador & Contributor | Singer Songwriter