Spend less this Christmas

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I don’t need to tell you that financially things are squeezed right now – and that’s was before Christmas reared its seasonal head. For many this year, belt tightening will be a necessity not just a fashion statement. But in some ways, this is good news. My motto this season is: spend less, play more.

I don’t want to sound like Scrooge in the run up to Christmas. Affordable treats (a new lip gloss, some smart chocolate) nourish our psyche and remind us that we and our loved ones are worth treating. But the importance of play provides the rationale for tapping into something more vital to the well-being of all ages than money can ever be.

The important thing is to make the mental shift. Instead of saying you’re denying yourself things because you know you can’t afford it, say to friends and family: ok, this year, I’m tapping into my inner child and making Christmas playful. We are, after all, group creatures, and there are plenty of low-cost activities (Holly picking? Making Christmas cards) which we can do with friends and which therefore nourish us psychologically. Cover yourself in glitter when making paper decorations, schedule Charades for after Christmas lunch, walk in the snow (if we get it), or indulge in a spot of carol singing to raise a few pennies for charity. Play needs to continue throughout our lives, not least because we all benefit. It’s the greatest gift you’ll give this season.

Lucy Beresford

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