How To Process A New Energy In You?

I recently received some new energy in my energetic body. It is different and it can be hard to bear...

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I recently received some new energy in my energetic body.

It is different and it can be hard to bear. Sometimes I feel like I want to explode and sometimes I feel I want to run run run... Which is not my nature. It is weird.

So I decided to honour this new energy in me and try to feel it.
I close my eyes, I breathe and just feel what has changed.

I feel like there is an elephant trying to hide inside me, or rather, to make itself comfortable! This elephant is throwing stuff around that doesn't allow it to stand or sit! It is not intentionally being bad, it is just a bit clumsy, as the space is doesn't fit.
What can I do about this?

Open my eyes.
Close my eyes.
Breathe deeply.
Breathe again.
Trust this moment of release.

If you close your eyes on the outside and open your eyes to the inside, what do you see?

I see this amazing beautiful scenery... A lush wild forest with water falls...I love it... It is a dream. It has become my sacred space I go to sometimes consciously, or not, to unwind, to resource, to unwind, to believe, to love myself, to connect...

You have two realities; One inside, One outside

These realities do not always match. But they will! That is the process. You are your soul and really your soul is commanding and directing your world.

The more you resist what is, the more you suffer.

Today I am in a place of frustration because I certainly resisted the warnings that I was living stuff that did not fit me anymore.

So how do you handle it when you get upset, frustrated, impulsive? Take a breathe, integrate, allow it to merge with you and watch the process.

To me, it feels like an abduction. I wake up from it and lots of things in my life don't fit. Oulala, that can hurt.

It looks from the outside, from where the angels sit, like a comical movie... My dreams are there waiting for me and I resist and hold onto all the old stuff. It is comfortable to stick to the heavy dramas. You would think that I would know better because my life is about the spiritual process! Yes! Ha! Very funny!

When we reach that step where we humbly see how human we are, how stubborn we are as humans, we want to stick to a reality that doesn't fit us anymore. We do this because we know it, it feels familiar, it feels safe. We prefer to stick to suffering than change our habits. Syndrome de Stockholm...

Humility. Humility is the key to the opening of your spirit here because we never know better than our souls.

Life is this unstoppable process of discovering new layers of existence, of yourself. Life brings them to you, each time you are done with one layer! Sometimes it feels smooth, sometimes it is not. It can be rather shocking or disturbing when we do not sense the movement coming to us.

You have to allow the movement of life.
There is no other choice as we belong to that movement.
We are part of a bigger matrix of energy.
Embrace this definition of yourself.
Embrace the rhythm of life. Let go of resistance.
Open the doors that you locked long time ago to protect yourself.

As I allow myself to open up to new possibilities, I can see the potentiality of life, I trust this process. Then this new energy starts to fit into my own energy and my life. Everything is working towards alignment. And I need to keep focused on my intentions of progress. But always in a letting go energy, trying to release my inner blockages, to let go of control.

Because there is nothing to control. There is only receiving in the process of life, allowing experiences to unfold and give your best energy to life and to yourself.

Karen Ruimy

Karen Ruimy