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Mental health: what would YOU like to see me write about?

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I’d like to welcome you to the mental health section of Psychologies magazine's Life Labs site. In case you don’t know me (which is highly likely), here’s a small introduction. I’m an award-winning writer who, over the years, has specialised in health and wellbeing on national newspapers and magazines in the UK, including Psychologies magazine for whom I regularly write.

On a more personal note, I am a single mum to an amazing son and the owner of an ever so slightly bonkers Norfolk terrier. I love colour (I have my books arranged in colour order…yes, really…) and cheese (if I were a poet I'd pen 'An Ode To Cheese', but I'm still working on those skills).

Perhaps most importantly, in relation to this blog, I have suffered from mental health issues for a while now – I’ve had depression on and off for as long as I can recall and, two years ago, I was diagnosed with a form of bipolar affective disorder. So I’m writing here as both a journalist and someone who may well know how you’re feeling. I like to think this enables me to get to the heart of the matter, rooting out important, evidence-based information but also putting it into context as someone who ‘gets it’. I also write a blog at www.mentalhealthwise.com where I like to gather expert input to help make sense of mental health issues.

Although I write these pages as one of Psychologies magazine’s ‘blogging ambassadors’ and there are plenty of topics I feel need covering, I want you to know they are YOUR pages, too.

If there’s something you want to say, something you want me to write about or look into in the field of mental health, PLEASE contact me and let me know. It may be about depression, post-natal depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar or even subjects as difficult as suicide. Whatever it might be, let me know. I like a challenge.

Martha x

Martha Roberts

Mental health blogger and award-winning health writer and author , -

I'm a seasoned journalist for national newspapers, magazines & the internet, where I focus on health & wellbeing issues. I'm also a blogger on mental health at www.mentalhealthwise.com, plus a nutritional therapist & author (I wrote 'Sugar Addicts Diet' with celebrity trainer Nicki Waterman for HarperCollins).


Go to the profile of Zoe Flint
over 6 years ago
Hi Martha! It's been great to discover your work. I think it's so important that we discuss these difficult issues and even more so from the perspective of someone who, as you say, "gets it". I got poorly with peri natal anxiety and depression which went on for years after having my first child. I now follow the work of a number of women campaigning to raise awareness of PND, but (and even having spent a number of years as a researcher for a think tank), I can find barely any information about peri and post natal anxiety. Anecdotal evidence suggests this is a problem for many women, but there is so little information, support or awareness of the issue. I would love it if you could get further than me in researching this, and raising awareness any way you can. I'd be happy to chat about my experiences if that would be of any help. Thanks, Zoe xx
Go to the profile of Donna Rose Houchen
over 3 years ago

Why has it been so long since someone commented?! I am writing from California and LOVE Psychologies. It is a fantastic resource for me. I'm bipolar, had it forever but diagnosed 20 years ago. I'm now 56. I spent 20 years on Lithium and felt strange, lethargic, blah. I just tapered off lithium and have NEVER felt better in my life. I want to be an advocate for not jumping into taking lifelong medicine when there are alternatives. I hope you write about this. Thank You, Donna  xo