Why 20 minutes is all you need

We're either obsessed with exercise or we can't find the time to do any. There's not much middle ground. That's what I learnt at our last Happiness meet up. "How can we get more movement in to our daily lives" sounds an easy enough question. Yet why do so many of us see it as a low priority in our never ending To-Do list?

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It seems most of us find it hard to find the time to do any form of exercise. yet at our meet-up we came away with motivation to make a change.

Just reflecting back to those times when we really enjoyed getting physical put a sparkle in our eyes and certainly made us feel, for that matter - youthful. For a couple of us those elated feelings of exercising went back as far as our teenage years despite us exercising since. But why?

Whether it's excuses or valid arguments for not putting even ten minutes of exercise toward the top of our priority list boils down to our choice to do so.

It seemed a reasonable request to make small changes and we can all do things such as:

- taking the stairs,

- getting off the bus one stop earlier,

- parking the car at the far end of the car park'

- walk instead of take the car,

- walk the children to school,

- when parts of our body are not able - exercise other parts.

Making exercise a habit seems daunting yet by gradually building exercise in to our lives is definitely doable. Having someone accountable to check up on us can make a big difference.

Making use of technology and the various gadgets and apps available. There's nothing better for motivation than spurring one another on with progress and this can be done easily and virtually.

It's no surprise that exercise and the release of those 'happy chemicals' endorphins go hand in hand.

We are not saying to go back immediately to being that track and field expert, or that netball wing attack. Yet why not? There are plenty of groups available. Alternatively even incorporating twenty lunges a day as soon as you get up can make you feel proud, elated, strong and ultimately happier.

This quote sums it up:

Happiness is not a fitness goal. It is a by-product of taking care of yourself." Felicity Lucky

That's why 20 minutes a day is all you need.

Michelle Stromgren

Marketing Consultant and Performance Coach, Owner - www.cvornotcv.com

Marketing consultant and performance coach running a business to support individuals and SMEs in their growth and development, fundamentally to increase confidence and get a healthy work/life balance. Alongside volunteering for a number of charities, Michelle is a mum of two and an advocate of clean air and green spaces. She loves nature, photography, writing and most of all learning. "Never stop learning. If you don't think you can do it, change your mind set and at least try."