Happiness Style no 2: Retrievers

Are you a Retriever? Retrievers are thoughtful and conscientious so as a Retriever being happy is more about doing the right thing than just having fun. You are at your happiest spending time with people you trust.

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Happiness Style No 2; Retrievers

You know what you like and like what you know. You are strongly principled and are happiest doing what you believe to be the right thing. You’re cautious and risk averse so are unlikely to make a lot of mistakes. On the other hand you are prone to being a little bit too cynical sometimes about new ideas and so can miss out on new experiences you would enjoy.

Happiness hot spots: You are at your happiest when you have a routine to follow. You enjoy the company of trusted friends and prefer being with people you know and like than having to go out and mix with lots of new people. You love ‘telling it as it is’ and getting things off your chest.

Happiness black holes: Being forced to take unnecessary risks and doing anything that you don’t believe to be right. You don’t like being put in any situation where you are not able to do things properly or finish everything you start.

How to be happy: Stick to your principles but don’t be so certain of everything that you miss out on new possibilities. Remember that the people you know and trust now, were once new friends and there are other people out there that if you give them a chance might also be fun. As well as doing what you love doing, every now and then try something scarily new. You may find you like it and if not at least you can say you gave it a try.

How to make a Retriever happy: Show you trust them by putting them in positions of responsibility. Ask their advice and listen to what they say. Treat them with respect at all times and don’t question or contradict the things they believe in too much.

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