Happiness Style No 1; Hounds

If you're a Hound you'll never be really happy as long as you have to stick to the rules or follow a set routine. What makes you happiest is being yourself and imaging what the world would be like with you in charge.

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Happiness Style No. 1: Hound

You’re an independent, creative, right brain thinker who loves discovering new things and being yourself.

Your generally positive so should find being happy easy. On the other hand you’re a deep thinker who can get lost in your own private world and become isolated from other people.

Happiness hot spots: You are at your happiest when you can just be yourself and not have to fit in. You believe in the art of the possible and enjoy following your dreams. You are a bit crazy but if anyone can make the impossible, possible; it’s you.

Happiness black holes: Routine and detail can get you down as can having to do what you’re told without being told why you should do it. You see rules as guidance so strict controlled environments with lots of rules and regulations sap your energy.

How to be happy: You’re a one off so learn to enjoy it. Yes you take risks other wouldn’t dream of and can be a bit scatty, but remember, many of the most amazing things in the world were invented by Hounds! Life’s too short to do something you are nor enjoying, so if your current situation isn’t working, be brave enough to move on.

How to make a Hound happy: Despite being strongly independent they still like to be involved so why not make the first move and invite them to join in? So if in doubt give your Hound a hug!

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Will Murray

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