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There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread - Mother Teresa

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Every day in the morning I open two presents – my eyes – I absolutely love this quote!

Appreciating is the fourth key to happier living and I will focus on this beautiful topic today. Giving attention to the world surrounding us is not as simple as it sounds. The vast majority of us are lost in life’s hectic schedules, where days and hours are passing by at a crazy pace. We are so absorbed in everyday routines and duties that we often forget to even glimpse around and recognise what really matters.

Far too often we live our lives and take all that comes our way for granted. We don’t think why it comes and where it comes from. We don’t consider it may stop one day. We lead semi-hedonistic life-styles without even realising it and we want more, more and more. We don’t stop, we run, we crave, we feed our hunger for more and still go to bed unsatisfied. Hmmm…this is the price we pay for fitting into a society of globalisation and consumerism.

But what if something unanticipated happens?

I don’t know about you, but I started celebrating my gratitude not that long ago, literally 6 months ago, but with a proper vengeance, to catch up on years that have passed by unnoticed. Although I was grateful many times in my life, it wasn’t mindful, I didn’t consciously celebrate the idea of how much I actually possessed, how many reasons to be grateful I had. For me this changed when I experienced a great loss, a loss that has changed my life.

When I completed the grieving process of reasoning over my unexpected loss, the gratitude and appreciation feelings surprisingly crept in. I decided to approach my loss from a different angle, as I desperately needed a change. I actually started noticing positives (I know that this may sound irrational) around the tough situation; it was a very liberating experience for me. I suddenly felt blessed. I was like “Wow! I am actually so lucky, it didn’t happen years ago”. I’ve realised how many people around me weren’t as lucky…

Anyway, this different outlook I decided to take has not only freed me from emotional and physical pain, but also has unleashed an extensive amount of gratefulness, recognition and creative thinking within me.

We are habitually unaware of our inner potential until something big and detrimental happens, to trig the pivotal shift in our lives. I am a strong believer that there is a great cause behind any heartbreak we experience, we just need to reflect or learn to reflect to find the real meaning of our encounters…

Since I’ve changed my attitude, a lot of good things happened. The Happiness Club I run locally is an amazing place, where we meet and thrive on topics, so simple that we wouldn’t normally engage in discussing, yet those simple topics are essential. Our May gathering was focusing on gratefulness and it was wonderful to hear the many reasons each of us appreciate in their lives. Most of us regarded connections with our loved ones as the top count…that only shows how tribal we are.

As much as I felt a bit of sadness then, I though again how wonderful it was to have had those connections for nearly four decades of my life! And then the realisation of the opportunity to have the choice to belong to so many fantastic groups, such as ours! Not everyone who previously declared is attending our meetings, but as one of our amazing members, Marilyn says: “the ones that need to be there will be there”. This is really reassuring, as social gatherings will never fit well with everyone at the same time. We all have so many countless reasons not to attend, that it often is a real effort to make it happen. But the moment the first people arrive and greet each other; the sky changes its colours and everything become brighter…

I do not want to sound wishy-washy like, as I do consider myself as quite a pragmatic individual, however, certain things need to be said. We have to promote happiness on a global scale, as this is not a chance or sudden occurrence, this is a conscious choice and hard work. Nothing so magnificent as happiness can just happen without a labour pain.

We are all going through it each day, just stop and try noticing it. Perhaps fix your gaze for a fracture of a second and think how wonderfully lucky and blessed you are that you actually can do that! Be grateful for anything and everything! Every time when feeling down, think about 5 things you are grateful for and you will see how much better it will make you feel. Everything takes practice to master. Appreciation is one of those things – so keep applying it!

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Agatha Penney

Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Coach, Self-Love Clinic Ltd

Having a philosophical background I keep my mind open to what constantly unfolds around me. I believe that we all came to this world with a purpose and message to deliver. We are here to learn and we are here to teach. No encounter is accidental or useless. Each person crosses paths with us for a reason. Nothing is permanent. We can learn anything at any age. We are the only limit for ourselves. And they are just some of my beliefs…