What to do when money is tight and you want to date?

This week I was asked the following question

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I don’t have lots of cash to flash on a first date. How can I make an impact with a girl but on a budget?

A: A woman who needs to be impressed by money isn’t looking for love, but possibly someone to take care of her financially.

A woman who is looking to meet a guy and truly fall in love, will be impressed by simple thoughtful gestures such as a picnic, followed by a walk along a nice river such as in Richmond, or checking out a trendy market like Petticoat Lane, or a gallery / museum exhibition. There are so many things you can do for FREE or CHEAP in London.

Now that we are approaching summer there’s plenty going on in and around London. You can go to Kew and see the flowers show. Go to borough market and sample the foodie delights on offer and even pick up some great bits to enjoy whilst relaxing in the sun. There are plenty of food festivals taking place this summer. You can go and see live music and comedy where the acts are up and coming, so the shows are often cheap or free. You can pick up last minute theatre tickets from various outlets for as cheap as £5 in some cases. Get crafty at Drink, Shop, Do.

Purchase a treasure hunt pack and solve the mysteries together. Enjoy the street performers in Covent Garden. Check out what’s happening at the South Bank. Sign up for a group activity like a graffiti workshop and enjoy the experience together. Take a trip on the emirates cable car. Visit the Sky Garden. There are many possibilities that do not revolve around a swanky bar or restaurant. That said if you do want to eat or drink, then you can look at websites like Hot Dinners, Table Pouncer or Groupon for a deal or two.

The good news is, that doing something on a date can be the cheaper option, is more thoughtful and is a better way to get to know someone than being in a bar or restaurant, because there are distractions to keep you busy and things going on to help create even more conversation and banter.

I hope my list gives you some inspiration.

Suzie Parkus

Dating coach / Talk show host, Meet Your Match

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