What type of happiness are you after?

The are two ways to find happiness; to seek it everywhere; or find it inside you. One satisfies temporarily; the other nourishes life a good balanced diet. Which path are you on?

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Why is happiness so hard to find? Why the more you strive for it, does it become more elusive?

Because happiness is a word we use to define two different things.

One type of happiness is more like pleasure. Fleeting and illusory. You can touch it but not grasp it. It slips through your fingers like grains of sand or drops of water. The more you look for this kind of happiness the harder it is to find.

This kind of happiness is eternally controlled and is widely promoted by a celeb obsessed zeitgeist, that promises instant gratification and disingenuously tells you that you can have it all and be anything you want. This type of happiness can seduce you towards damaged self esteem as the gap between expectation and reality grows ever wider.

The other kind of happiness is fulfilment. Fulfilment is internally controlled and comes from properly understanding and valuing yourself and pursuing the things that suit you as a person not society as a whole. Fulfilment is lasting and satisfying. It takes you off the hamster wheel of constant striving and looking. The secret to fulfilment is already in you; you are not dependent on the reaction of others to feel good about yourself.

So what should you do next? Look for different ways to experience greater happiness? Or look for different ways to become more self aware?


Will Murray

Founder, Packtypes Gets you talking. Makes you think