Change the world one person at a time. Start with you.

Virtually every challenge in the world comes down to self awareness (or lack of it). So what can you do to change your world without having to read a book or go on a course?

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Change the world; one person at a time. Start with you!

The best thing about self awareness is that you don’t have to ‘want to change the world’, for it to work for you. ‘changing the world, one person at a time’.

We've also discovered that self awareness is not something that can be taught or coached, it has to be acquired through personal experience. Its why everything we do concentrates on transformational play and social fitness.

We are now supporting over a thousand schools in the UK, helping them increase social fitness in both children and staff. Watching all children (particularly those facing the greatest challenges) grow and flourish is so rewarding.

At the other end of the spectrum we have just equipped 25,000 colleagues at Asda to become more socially fit.

If you want to read a bit more about what people are saying about their individual social fitness experiences have a read of the latest Psychologies mag or visit

Will Murray

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