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This post comes from a seven year project and 25 years of research. I have been asked by numerous parents to provide more in the way of resources since writing a book on the perils and pitfalls of cyber space in early 2016 and so here I am on here to do just that. However the topic of cyber issues is very large and I will explain why this is almost an article for that but not quite.. Since this partnership began between UKCP and Psychologies magazine I have been busy completing some studies and research and this has meant that I have been delayed in producing an article on here for parents and professionals.

During the last few years I have been busy writing for large internet safety companies, the media, a magazine that goes to schools and presenting up and down the country including at cybersecurity conferences. It has meant that picking an article to write about has been difficult given there are so many topics.

Catherine is an author, published and leading researcher in the UK around the topic of cybertrauma. She is a blogger, vlogger and podcaster. She writes for the largest UK e-safety companies, including a national newsletter #DITTO that goes directly into schools, she presents at National and International conferences including NSPCC, Marie Collins and has presented at ACTIO (Leading online counselling organisation), Confer and other leading Psychotherapy Organisations around this topic. She has been on Shrink Rap Radio and Trauma Therapist podcasts in the US (alongside names such as Dan Siegel). She is BACP (Accred) and UKCP MSc Child & Adult Psychotherapist. She’s also a mum to two adolescent/adult boys, runs a trauma practice and has a private practice too. She is currently writing a second book. She has a great self care routine and ‘biohacks’ to ensure she is performing optimally for herself and her clients.

Catherine Knibbs MSc Dual Child/Adult

Cybertrauma U.K. Lead researcher/consultant