Deep confidence comes from deep inside. Essentially, it is about who you are rather than what you do - develop this first, and the rest will follow.

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I am passionate about inspiring women to show up as who they really are in the world. .It's important women live in their own rhythm and not someone else's - that way we stand the best chance of making our unique contribution. Research shows that, on the whole, women lack confidence. We live in a world where the male way of doing things predominates - to the extent that behaving in ways outside the boundaries of this perceived norm is seen as strange or odd. No wonder many women find it so scary to be themselves that they stop trying. And this has had serious consequences for the individuals concerned and also for society. It's vital we develop the deep confidence to be ourselves - for the benefit of all.

How? Here are some tools:

- Assertion Skills - learn how to express yourself, your opinion, ideas, what is right for you; to ask for what you need; to say no - and yes; to value yourself

- Appreciate and Admire yourself - really honour, accept and love yourself. Be very kind to yourself; never put yourself down. Create clear boundaries and make clear to others how you want to be treated. Give yourself treats.

- Be Authentic This is the best way to ensure that you have expressed yourself as well as you may, and to have the best chance of conveying your message. It also leads to peace within.

- Attune to your own rhythm, what pace of life and way of doing things feels right for you. Tell yourself the truth about what feels comfortable for you as a woman. Really tune into that and have the courage to live it.



Shan Rees

Confidence-Building and Female Fulfilment for Women, Living Excellently

Personal and Professional Development Trainer for over 3 decades, helping people to be successful and flourish; including From Stress to Self-Mangement, Self-Presentation; Assertion Training and Confidence-Building courses. Now, focussing on and working exclusively with women : who may be successful in their field but feel there must be more to life; who want to live in their own rhythm and show up as their feisty female selves; who want to stop compromising and build confidence to make their unique contribution; who want to change their lives in order to live authentically. Now's the time for women to come into their own; the world needs us. I studied Anthropology; Psychothynsesis; Gestalt; Facilitation Skills. I have a Diploma in Guidance and Counselling, qualifications in Coaching and Style Coaching, and have published a book onAssertion Skills. I'm passionate about inspiring women to come into their own


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over 6 years ago
Thank you for this. Deep confidence is something we all want to feel.