Zen-like focus and super efficiency

Do you want to work smarter rather than harder?

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Do you wish you could be more efficient, organised and effective in your professional life and, at the same time, free up more time for your private life, achieving that elusive that work-life balance that will leave you super-efficient, calm and clear thinking?

The dinner party

I threw a dinner party a little while ago and lost three days of my life I'll never get back.

You see I haven't thrown a dinner party in quite a while and, as I struggled to find the right menu, recipes, ingredients, table settings, time and energy, I remembered why!

A few weeks later I threw a second dinner party. I must be mad. But this time, I did things differently. I used the first experience to make changes which made me a much more efficient and effective host the second time round.

The menu I used for the first dinner was declared a success by those who attended (feedback), so I decided to use the same menu again with a couple of small tweaks and improvements.

I'd invested in some new table linen and cutlery the first time, so this job was done and didn't need doing again. The linen was in place, ironed and ready to use.

The herbs, spices and ingredients from the first dinner were all now in one cupboard, as was the crockery and cutlery, all clean, grouped together and ready to go.

This time I was more confident about how to organise the kitchen. I was calmer too and when my guests eventually sat down at the table, I was more 'present.' Instead of having a head full of things-to-do, I was able to relax and enjoy the event, more confident now of a good outcome.

The science bit

Now cognitive neuroscience offers us real insight into how and why systems are so helpful to us and why the human brain is hardwired to 'organise'.

'Neural enhancement' is something human beings have striven for throughout our history. We have devised ever-refined ways of improving upon the brain given to us by evolution. As we strive to harness and release the full power of our amazing human brain, we are driven to attain higher and higher levels of achievement, to adapt to our shifting environment and gain the edge over our competition.

And as we free up our brains of their clutter, we are able to keep track of all of the details we couldn't possibly remember ourselves, improving our brain capacity by offloading some of its functions to external sources.

Systemise your life

Whatever your occupation or life style, the chances are, you will benefit greatly by creating your own system too. Your efficiency will increase the more organised you are, freeing up headspace so that you can achieve Zen-like focus, be more efficient and more creative in your work.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

Lists, lists, lists

A things-to-do list, a things-you've-achieved list and checklists; if it's outside your head, it's not inside your head causing confusion and chaos. Get it out, down on paper or into the computer.

Get organised

Paperwork, files, the computer; keep regularly-used documents readily available, filed and ready for use. This will speed up your work and create quality control, so that your results are better and easier to measure.

De clutter

Cleaning and clearing is cathartic. Create order from chaos by working smarter rather than harder and keep your environment free from clutter, both internal and external.

A calm and clear home, kitchen, desk, desktop, filing system and office allows anxiety to settle and will regulate your environment.

So, give it a go. Devise your own perfect working system and achieve Zen-like focus and super-efficiency.

And let me know just how good that feels....

Frances A Masters MBACP GHGI FRTC

Frances A Masters

Psychotherapist, Coach, Writer. Live your best life.

Do you want to be happier and more resilient? Some people seem to just 'bounce back' no matter what life throws at them. We can't choose many of life's events but we certainly do have a choice about how we respond. My passion for mental health began 25 years ago when I suffered postnatal depression and realised the help I needed simply wasn't there. The pills didn't work. In fact they made things worse. What I really needed was to understand how anxiety, depression and emotional ill health can develop. I needed to learn good 'mind management' skills which would act like a 'psychological inoculation' against future problems. When I recovered, I made a decision to find out how and why I had become so depressed and made a personal pledge to do something to provide the kind of help for others which I had needed. I wanted to prevent people suffering unnecessarily. So I embarked on a personal and professional journey and, along the way, developed a brand new approach to health and well-being. My journey began with four years of traditional counselling training, followed by a postgraduate diploma in psychotherapy. I studied cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), hypnotherapy, coaching and cognitive neuroscience. I built up 30,000 hours professional experience which I brought together into the new happiness and resilience programme l named 'Fusion.' I also wrote a book about how to resolve post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), founded a therapeutic coaching charity and trained volunteers to work in this new way. This training programme would later become the nationally accredited Fusion Therapeutic Coaching Diploma and Distance Learning Skills Certificate. Now... The journey continues. Now I want to reveal all my professional secrets about good mind management to as many people as possible through social media and by training Fusion Breakthrough trainers from all over the world. One of them could be you... Something new.. Something different.. Something which lasts.. What if you could experience one day which could actually change your life for good; giving you your own eureka moment; not only helping you create a vision of the life you want to live, but actually give you the real skills to get there and stay there? Fusion is a tried and tested system which combines the best of psychotherapy and coaching into a powerful new formula for lasting change. My aim is to help and empower as many people as possible to feel their best, be their best and live their best lives. Perhaps I could help you too....