A message to Millennials

In these troubled times, we have more that unites than divides us and more in common than we may think..

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I have read many articles on Millennials of late. How to understand them, influence them, persuade them and above all manage/lead 'them'. Now, if I were a Millennial, which sadly I am not, I might start to find this kind of advice patronising, possibly irritating.  As if Millennials are a different species rather than generation. My 20 year old daughter tells me this is so.

Boomer, Gen X, Y, Z and Millennial categories help us to understand the different generational influences.  However, it is worth reminding ourselves that we have more in common than these categories might suggest; that there is more that unites us than divides us. 

As one article I read suggested; why not consider taking on a millennial mentor? This is sometimes referred to as 'reverse mentoring' and the question really challenged my thinking.  We may be surprised to learn that there is more to learn than how to use social media or technology more effectively :-) 

Finally, a note to self and fellow Boomers particularly. STOP Mansplaining and therefore patronising others. START to listen in order to understand rather than to answer. CONTINUE to challenge ourselves to be better. Millennials tend to do these things better than the old timers..

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