Spring Renewal Part IV

​Have you changed something in your life or inside yourself recently? Or are you procrastinating and feel blocked, like you can’t make a change? Have you come across obstacles to this change or has help come your way? Have you felt the energy in the air? In your dreams? In the sky? Do you know that each day brings a different energy? We have to surf with it, on it and in it… Fighting it or going against it does not work – it just creates more confusion, struggle and displeasure…

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Find the planets of the moment, feel what they are sending you and what avenues of progress or stagnation they are commanding in the universe. Understand more or less the groove of the moment and play with it. The same as if it rains you don’t wear your suede boots and if it is sunny and hot you wear something light. The same is true with the energy around you in the cosmos, in the city or the circle you are living.

Everyday there are energies directed to us that will trigger emotions in all of us. It is funny because all are fighting it together – without realising what is in the air. But we are ALL living the same energy with our very different backgrounds, dramas, ideas, dreams… but it is funny because we think we are so separate when we are not! ha!

Be aware that you are living in an energy field. It is feeding you always. It is influencing your life, your process. Nothing can impede this process, the same way you can’t stop the sun from shining on earth or stop the wind from blowing in your hair. Understand and embrace the movement of life. There is nothing else to do than tune into the energy of the day and re-address your program, your way of being on that day.

Embrace the energy that is coming to you.
There is no way around it.
It is the universal law.


Learn to feel it, like an animal, bring all your sensory senses back to the surface. Honour your intuition. Listen to your inner voice, it is in tune with the universe.

Try to stop listening to the voice of society – which tries to create a different order.

Imagine you are slowly recovering your capacity to listen to the rhythm of life, of the universe, of nature. And you let yourself merge with this energy. And then you create from that place of harmonised energy. You can let yourself receive the highest energy and be creative with it.

Don’t try to push it, don’t force the flow of your creation, wait for the movement and for it to flow again. If the energy is scattered, don’t go into confused relationships, wait for the right moment to engage with it in when the energy feels easier.

If chance does not open the doors on a day, wonder why, check the global energy and check your own. Are you in harmony with the universe or with your own energy?

Watch the doors, they will open as you realign yourself.

Never act on a confused energy.
Never act against the winds.
Stop everything the moment as you feel some confusion, or a need to clarify.
Allow the energy to hold you and bring you gently to where your dream is designed.
Embrace the energy of change to re-harmonise yourself, to clear away from the unnecessary and old energies.

You are part of the universe. Your energy is part of it and is not separate from it. The more you embrace your true nature, as part of the universe, the more you will understand the rhythm of life.

In this understanding you will find yourself in harmony with the movement of life. It will sustain you, your own energy, your progress, the manifestation of your dreams…!You will welcome the harmony in your life and you will feel you belong to Mother Nature, tuned into the invisible, incredible energy of creation.

You are part of the rhythm of life.

Karen Ruimy

Karen Ruimy