Lowering Stress through joy, creativity, kindness to self.

On World Mental Health Day, what better time to reflect on finding simple achievable ways to manage stress?

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World Mental Health Day....the key word there is Health.

For many busy, successful people, the idea of stopping completely or taking large amounts of time off from daily routines and juggling acts can be inconceivable, so we have to consider what is manageable and achievable that will contribute to our emotional health and wellbeing on a daily basis:

Address the stress mindset
This is the simplest and most effective offering I have ever been gifted - apply a full stop after you notice how you are feeling, before you apply a value judgement. For example
The Thought about the Feeling: " I am feeling really het up/offended/upset/out of sorts".
The Value Judgement: " That is so typical of me, I just can't get it right/I have too much to do already and now I feel worse"
It is the judgement which causes us mental and sometimes physical anguish.
Apply the full stop and just notice - it is amazing how quickly this discipline will positively impact your feeling of wellbeing.

Look at something you find beautiful
Some people do not resonate with the idea of being "mindful", but even the busiest person can find 2 minutes a day to put their phone or screen aside and gaze upon something which they find beautiful. There are no rules - this can be a patch of grass, your sleeping child, a painting, a view from your window. The act of standing/sitting still and gazing in in silence will recharge your batteries physically and emotionally.

I leave you with a quote from Neuroscientist Antonio Demasio who says that

"Joy is the optimal condition for learning"

Jessica Shaw

Director PACT Creative training, PACT Creative Training

Jess is the founder of PACT Creative Training (Play, Act, Create, Transform). She has 20 years' experience facilitating workshops using fun and playfulness in order to boost wellbeing and lower stress. Jess runs creative team building events for companies, Staff INSET Training in Schools and wellbeing-through-play workshops for children & young people in schools.