Are You Ready To Be Happier?

We all have a baseline of happiness, and yet there is much we can do to increase and sustain our overall levels of happiness

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That will depend upon what level of happiness you feel you deserve!

Perhaps you've given up on ever finding that elusive state of joy and bliss, and you're satisfied instead with the warm glow of contentment and pleasure.

Sadly for some people happiness in any form is a struggle to achieve, let alone to sustain.

Your sub-conscious mind has already created its own belief system, and set up its own template for your life, from the time you were about six years old. This then determines what you'll expect in life, and how happy you'll 'allow' yourself to be.

Did you know that you are responsible for at least 40% of your level of happiness at any given time?

According to research from the Positive Psychology movement we all have a base-line of 50% of our happiness which was shaped by our genetics and early year's experiences.

Then there's an extra 10% of 'temporary' happiness - from such things as the new car, holiday, lottery win, cosmetic treatment etc. When this wears off we return to our former level of happiness.

That leaves 40% which is under our control! 

The researchers tell us that we can build this up for ourselves, and keep our overall level of happiness in the higher ranges by:

  • Having an optimistic mindset

  • Practising realistic thinking and achievable goal-setting

  • Comparing ourselves favourably with others

  • Showing ourselves compassion and loving self-care

  • Showing forgiveness – to whoever we feel able to right now

  • Nurturing our loving relationships

  • Showing kindness and doing good deeds for others – the 'Helper's High'

  • Having a sense of purpose and of making a positive difference to other people's lives.

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