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The sex toy market is bigger and better than ever before, so why not try out something new?!

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As a writer of erotic fiction I’ve long been seen as the go-to person amongst friends and acquaintances when they have questions about sex that they’re too embarrassed to ask out loud. What surprises me is that, despite our increasing willingness to discuss anything and everything about our personal lives in public, there still seems to be a certain level of embarrassment when it comes to buying sex toys (or even simply admitting to being curious about using them).Those who do own sexy gadgets tend to be older and more confident in general, but even then they’re often not clued up on just what fun stuff is available these days. Why? In this enlightened, glossy mag-powered age we are actively encouraged to be whatever we want to be - and that should include having a satisfying sex life.

Sex toys have come a long way since the invention of the Rampant Rabbit. So why are we still stuck in the past when it comes to personal fun? Buying toys doesn’t imply that there is a problem with your sex life - it is my humble opinion that everyone should own a selection for various occasions, whether or not have a partner on the scene. If you’re single then they can add to your fun-time options. And if you have company then the possibilities are endless - never underestimate the hotness of asking your partner to ‘help’ when it comes to toy play!

These new additions can bring spice to your life without frightening the life out of anyone. So think outside the glossy pink box (seriously, why are so many of these things apparently packaged with Barbie’s sluttier sister in mind?) and give these bad boys a try!


It’s Electrifying!

The idea of electro stimulation is enough to make most people wince at the thought - who wants to apply electrodes to their tender regions, huh? But electrosex is so much more than a box of dodgy Slendertone pads applied to your nethers - it can introduce a spark that’s just enough to fire you up on all cylinders.

Tickling Truman from Mystim looks, on the surface, like a fairly normal vibrator that might just have come out of the Apple design factory. Its packaging is high class and even its power supply (that connects via a Mac-like magnetic joint) is super streamlined. But Truman’s secret is in his combination of vibration and electric charge - he makes your muscles clench from the inside! He takes some getting used to, not least because of his many and varied settings, but is well worth it for the tingling end result. A word to the wise - make sure that the electrostim is turned wayyyyyy down as soon as you switch him on, because if you happen to pick him up by the business end you will know about it. According to a friend, anyway *cough*

Bottom’s up

With the Beginner’s Butt Plug from Lovehoney, even the most nervous of folk can experiment with new kinds of pleasure. If you’ve never tried them before, this small plug is a good introduction - try playing with it on your own until you’ve got used to the idea.

It's Getting Warm In Here...

The Ceramix no.2 from Pipedreams doesn’t have the most elegant of names (I suspect mostly because Pipedreams sell a massive range of products and life would get too confusing if they named everything individually), but in a market dominated by black and pink silicone, this handcrafted ceramic plug is a refreshing change.

Looking like something Alice might have found in Wonderland, the sexy secret to this toy is in the plastic stopper in the base. Ceramicware transmits heat, see? So when you pour warm water into your little stripy friend he heats up immediately, bringing exciting warmth to intimate playtime. And yes, it’s made of very durable ceramic - no breakages here, thank you! Such a simple yet clever idea that I’m surprised I haven’t seen it before now, and well worth trying out.

Tattoo You

Pocket-sized ‘bullet’ vibrators have been around for years, and are an enduringly popular choice (unless you have RSI like me, in which case they set off very dodgy looking hand jitters for days on end). Their basic look has barely changed - if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it - but these Lal Hardy designs from Rocks Off are genuinely gorgeous.

Raise Your Glass

Another one from Pipedreams, who are a favourite of mine because of the sheer variety of sexy stuff they produce. Glass dildos were briefly popular a few years ago, and several friends of mine proudly displayed them on their mantel shelves as something of an in joke. I never really saw the appeal - glass? In your FOUF? - but I’m told reliably that these things are as unbreakable as it gets, whilst looking gloriously unlike anything you’ve seen before - I’m tempted to buy this one just to keep it as a pet!

So what do you think - would you be tempted to try any of my suggestions? What would be your choice if a friend asked you for a recommendation? Let me know!

Violet x

Twitter: @violetfenn

'Satisfaction', my anthology of short stories (writing as Indigo Moore), is available now on Amazon

Violet Fenn

Writer, eroticist, purveyor of the portfolio career. Rants about growing old (dis)gracefully at, Twitter: @violetfenn

A fruity blend of sex advice and pro-ageing rants. I write chart-topping erotica as Indigo Moore - 'Satisfaction', my anthology of short stories, is available now on Amazon:


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