Are scales still defining you?

Recently at a corporate wellness workshop I held up a set of scales and asked, "How many of you feel good when you see the number?". No one raised their hand.

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How many of you have your routine of getting on the scales each day, then think things like, “Well…another 2kg, I should not have had that cake.” or “Guess all my working out hasn’t paid off, I am hopeless.”?

Do you ever get on the scales and feel satisfied?

Life without weighing yourself, could you do it?

This act of hopping onto a little white slab started long before we can remember so for many it will be a difficult habit to break. What if there were no scales? Could you gain your self worth from within? Even as innocent babes we are measured and weighed.

As a child I would go for my check up every year and the verdict would be the same. The doctor would say, “Well dear you are 10kg overweight for your height.” And after every visit I would leave feeling terrible. How could this be when I was so active? All of this is drummed into our heads at very impressionable ages. We are given a number which does not recognize a spectrum of unique bodies.

I strongly believe that weight is not the best indicator of our health.

How we feel is much more valuable.

My first job was at a Cardiac Rehabilitation centre where we trained those with cardiovascular disease alongside the healthy. The wonderful clients I had there taught me a whole spectrum of reasons to workout. To this day I do not know who learned more, the clients, or me! They showed me that being active is equally about mental, physical and emotional well-being. Some clients were recovering from heart attacks, some open heart surgery, others attended for general fitness programmes. All of these people taught me the importance of enjoying life, being active, eating well, (not dieting), and accepting yourself at any given moment. Many of my clients had faced death, and were no longer interested in how much they weighed, only how they felt. They knew each breath was precious. I discovered that the body, mind and spirit, are all connected, and all need equal attention. The worth of these three cannot be measured on scales.

When designing your balanced life the most important things are finding activities, an eating plan and life choices that make you happy. Discovering your balance of health and self-esteem comes together over time, it is a journey.

You will go through many dips, curves, and hills on your road to health. It is a daily conscious effort. Some days go well, others are a challenge. One of the keys to getting yourself to this better balance is not to beat yourself up if you have a chocolate bar, or a glass of wine, or if you do not go to the gym. To improve your overall well-being make changes slowly. Be kind to you. Choose activities that you love, eat well, get enough sleep and manage your stress.

For many, that little white box is the best form of torture I have ever come across.

Get rid of it and start your new life, knowing that health and self-esteem come from within.

What is your experience with using scales? How do you feel?

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Charlene Hutsebaut

Corporate Wellness Speaker, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Writer & Brand Ambassador, Charlene Hutsebaut, Personal Training & Wellbeing Consultancy | | @positivelyslim

Charlene Hutsebaut B.P.E., B.Ed., CSCS is a personal trainer, pilates instructor, brand ambassador, speaker and writer with over 15,000 client hours and 26 years of experience in the fitness industry. Charlene was honoured to be a Top 10 Global Finalist in the Life Fitness -Personal Trainers to Watch Competition 2015. She was the only UK woman chosen and one of only three in the top ten. The same year she was awarded a Mayor of London Volunteer Award for getting her community moving & united. In 2016 she was part of the team at Eversholt UK Rails Group to win a Vitality Insurance - Healthiest Workplace Award. In 2017 she was asked to take part in the Periscope TV Wellness Warriors Channel and was shortlisted for We Are The City Sport Award. Charlene runs her Personal Training Consultancy in London at the exclusive St. Pancras Hotel Spa and is a sought after inspirational corporate wellness speaker, creating bespoke wellness initiatives to get employees thinking about their self-care through workshops & executive senior leader programmes. She has had regular fitness columns in Passport – the inflight magazine for Monarch Airlines and Total Sports Performance. She is the fitness expert for the book The De-Stress Effect and was featured in How To Hygge. She has written for HuffPostUK, Bodyfit, Prima, FitPro, Fitness Life New Zealand and has been featured in London, Fabric, Grove, Woman, Natural Health magazines, as well as The Daily Mail and Express. | Charlene has been a brand ambassador for Huggies Diapers with Lisa Scott-Lee, Simply Great Drinks alongside UK Olympian Victoria Pendleton and TV’s Doctor Christian Jessen and most recently with Long Tall Sally & Nominou. | Find Charlene most days sharing the healthy realistic message on twitter, periscope, facebook and instagram at @positivelyslim


Go to the profile of Sarah Jane Woods
over 6 years ago
I gave up the was difficult to start with but it's made a huge difference in the way I view myself. Encouraged to do so by my Slimpod, its really taken me three years to understand and ween myself off to really "get" this message. If only it could be promoted more! I'm the smallest I've been for 30 years from a size 22 three years ago (dieting got me to a size 32!) to a 16 since focusing on the positives of living life healthily.... I've never been more comfortable in my own skin! BTW, the hardest thing to give up was the validation, not only to myself that I "had lost or gained"weight...but also, as I've got smaller people asking..."how much have you lost now?" I just have to shrug and say I don't know as I don't weigh myself! They do look perplexed!
Go to the profile of Charlene Hutsebaut
over 6 years ago
Hi Sarah, Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I am so pleased you have had this journey and are feeling "comfortable in your own skin"! It really is about forming new habits surrounding our language on how we view ourselves and as you say, finding new more positive and healthy ways of validating our own being. Figuring out how we feel in our bodies is very empowering! Well done to you on honouring yourself. Charlene