The psychology of publishing your book.

Writing a book is one thing, but putting your thoughts and words out into the world, takes a step towards courage.

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My first book was written and I was lucky enough to find a traditional publisher. The day the brown jiffy back arrived I wasn’t thinking about the book. As I opened the envelope I saw the corner edge of the book and realised it was my book. I didn’t continue opening it; instead I left the house.

It might sound strange to you, but not once had I considered someone reading my book. That I would be held accountable for printed words. That people would love or hate it and this could possibly have an impact on the view I had of myself.

I froze.

We write self-help books if we believe we have a message that will inspire another person. Book writing feels to me to be like the need to be a parent. We want to pass something onto the next generation so each can grow and make a better world than the one before. That’s the big picture anyway. The little picture is the little you that wrote the book in the first place.

Often when the book is finished the passion and desire needed to write it is fully exercised and you’re done with it. Then a year later it’s in finished form and you have to market it with the same amount of love it took to write it.

This is for the lucky ones who find a publisher easily like I did. If it’s not so easy there is another layer of pain; the pain of having your work rejected. For the self funded author and the author who have the time to put the work in there is self-publishing. But it all comes down to one mastery: the capacity to get yourself out of the way to give your book the best possible chance.

Someone I spoke to on the phone had sent me a cold invite to help promote their book. The one thing this request lacked was why I should care and why my audience should also care. So I offered them 20 minutes of my free time to give them advice on how best to pitch their idea to a potential reader.

A book doesn’t get published because it’s ‘amazing’ ‘a new look on’ ‘a revolutionary idea’. A book gets published because it will speak to many potential readers about something that matters to them. The author of this book felt that in someway the book would speak for itself, but in order for that to happen, someone has to read it and they will only read it if the title speaks to the person who comes across it.

This is what a publisher is looking for, well that and a kick ass platform for the author!

So the authors psychology has got to keep up that desire to be a parent and create something in the world that creates a new world. From that place the drive to get your work out into the world can be fulfilled.

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