Bedtime hour pampering

Vanessa Grzywacz relaxes before bedtime with a face mask

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I’m lucky working on a magazine, as I have access to lots of nice beauty products. However, they often sit in a bag under my dressing table and never see the light of day. So this evening, I decided to get some of them out and have a pamper evening (well, a pamper hour) while the children were asleep.

While they slept soundly I could actually focus on myself for once - and wrapped up in my new fluffy bathrobe and applied my enriching face mask. The instructions said to leave it on for 10 minutes - so I did. I actually left it on for a bit longer while I flicked though some magazines. Tempting as it was to start tearing out pages to use as inspiration for work (as I normally do), I just sat and read a whole article while waiting for my face mask to work its magic. Rinsing off the mask and applying moisturiser was the final touch - and I went to bed that night feeling relaxed and thinking how nice (and necessary) it is to take time out of our day to focus on ourselves.

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Vanessa Grzywacz

Art Director, Psychologies magazine