Move your bottom and get happier :-)

The amazing effects of moving our bodies are free to implement, yet so many of us just give them a miss...

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Exercising is placed in third position to happier being on our Happiness Club list. And boy, don’t we all know that? Don’t we know that this is scientifically proven and evidenced? Yes, of course we do, but what we are often consciously choosing is to ignore that. We STRIVE for excuses to justify our choice of not ‘moving’…We are masters of explanations of how impossible this can become for us, as we are wives, mothers, shift workers, business partners, entrepreneurs, we have back, leg, arm problems, we are depressed, not motivated enough or simply have better things to do and etc etc …..

Better things? …Hmmm …What can be considered more important than our own health, our wellbeing? What else can be more beneficial than great sleep at night, fantastic mood and high self-esteem? What can be finer than our positive attitude to our loved ones, friends, colleagues, and strangers that derives from physical activities? Isn’t that enough to force ourselves to attend 3-5 fitness classes each week for 3 months to prove that this is actually working? Unless you try, the answer is always NO. Remember that, you are the only person available in the whole universe that can change the course of your life, the course of your look, the course of your spirit.

Our lives are busy, hectic, emotionally messy and often disorganised, yet we are the creators of our realities. The moment we will mindfully declare that we are aware of our own shortcomings that are responsible for what we became, the life will start to spin around. Two years ago I was going through some hardships on a professional level, that impacted all areas of my life, and not only mine. Although, my fitness was always very important to me, it had slipped into the position that I no longer cared. Not only did I put on weight and couldn’t fit into my little black but also I began to look exhausted, miserable and not unattractive. I didn’t like my reflection in the mirror. To reach this moment from being physically fit is not difficult. Even a couple of months of not following our fitness routine and diet can have devastating effects on our appearance and then mood. I promise you, as I know this too well.

Well, when we started our Happiness Club, I had a 1 to 1 chat with myself, even though the timing was far from ideal. I looked at myself one day and said “You are so lucky and blessed that you posses all the senses and healthy limbs, for which many people would pay a fortune and you are wasting it! You are going to change that and we start now!” After 2 years of not being active it was a real hardship to move forward, but I took baby steps. Firstly I followed a ‘plank challenge’ on FB organised by my personal trainer friend, and I found myself completely astonished with my ability to plank for 5minutes on day 30! where 20 seconds was a nightmare on day one! I have realised yet again – PERSISTENCE is the key!

Since then I organised further 30 day challenges on FB and the fact that another few hundred people are joining in, keeps me motivated and accountable. This is like another Happiness Club for me, where we gather to do something together, that gives us a sense of achievement and makes us happier! The challenges are very easy and only a few minutes long, but they caused me and many others to crave more movement and we have been to many spinning classes and gym sessions since. I can slowly notice the difference (after 2 months) and I am so happy!!! Check us out here:

What it takes to start you off is the REALISATION that we are responsible for what we are. We are responsible for our shapes, for our lack of confidence, for our depression. Really? Yes, we allow our brains to get into the state, where it feels depressed, low on serotonin and lack of movement is one of the deciding factors! So every time you are about to skip on a fitness class just remember to say to yourself – “I am in charge and have decided to be lazy and stay on the sofa to watch another episode of “Best Time Waster” and I know I will be unhappy” If this is the case, then fine, but don’t complain ever again. This is totally your choice, we make choices every day 365 days per year and we are in charge 365 days per year as well.

I am so grateful for the Happiness Club Movement, as it has inspired me massively to run back towards my better self. I know exactly how it feels to be in a great shape and look fantastic and I know exactly how it feels the other way around. I know how difficult it is to make the first step out of your comfort zone, to feel the daily discomfort in your muscles from the training on the previous day (for at least a month). I know how hard it is to discipline your own lazy self and forcefully push yourself out of the house to do something. But I also know that this is the only way to implement changes, we have to feel the discomfort and pain first (no pain no gain). So if you feel ready change – then go for it today, do not procrastinate any longer. The effects will overwhelm you on so many levels and in each area of your life. Do it for yourself!

Thanks for reading

Agatha x

Agatha Penney

Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Coach, Self-Love Clinic Ltd

Having a philosophical background I keep my mind open to what constantly unfolds around me. I believe that we all came to this world with a purpose and message to deliver. We are here to learn and we are here to teach. No encounter is accidental or useless. Each person crosses paths with us for a reason. Nothing is permanent. We can learn anything at any age. We are the only limit for ourselves. And they are just some of my beliefs…


Go to the profile of Suzy Walker
over 6 years ago
Persistence is the key - I agree completely. Quick fixes don't work - it's working out how to create a sustainable 'happiness practice' that makes you feel good day in, day out. Thank you for sharing. x
Go to the profile of Agatha Penney
over 6 years ago
Thank you Suzy, although it has been a tough couple of months, I am feeling my results and that is amazing!!! Love it and it makes me so super happy :-) x
Go to the profile of Al Sayers
over 6 years ago
Another inspiring entry Aggie, thank you. I love the way that you write, and your enthusiasm is infectious! I agree, exercise is so important, and the only things that we gain when we opt out of it are weight and melancholy! Getting up and out of the house is indeed so important.... Thank you for sharing x
Go to the profile of Agatha Penney
over 6 years ago
Oh Al, thank you! You are so right ,weight & melancholy is something we shall combat and conquer l and we will! Hope to see you on Saturday for another Happiness Club gathering :-) x