How To Get Pass Your Limiting Beliefs About Becoming A Writer

Incisive questions can be a great way of challenging your writing assumptions

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May 10, 2015

Over the years I’ve learnt not to wait until I’m in the right mood or have enough confidence to write. The way it works is that the moment I show up on the page to write my mood shifts and my confidence gradually increases.

In my work as a coach and creative writing teacher the most common problem that individuals present when seeking help with writing is not content but confidence.

That’s why I am such a fan of journaling and therapeutic writing. Because the pages of a journal or a notebook can be a great space to think for ourselves, to out write the crippling dis-ease of wanting to be perfect.

In coaching we work a lot with questions intended to seek out the other person’s thinking and secondly to shift and transform thinking. The journal or notebook has a similar focus. Coaching questions such as Incisive questions can be responded to in our journals that will help challenge and shift limiting assumptions.

Nancy Kline writes about the impact of Incisive questions in her excellent book, Time To Think, Kline describes Incisive questions as the breakthrough process. Simply put Incisive questions challenge assumptions and place the focus on generating solutions and new perspectives.

In Time To Think, Kline introduces a list of adaptable sample Incisive questions, which are very good. My favourite questions from her list includes:

·If you knew that you are vital to this organisation’s success, how would you approach your work?

·If things could be exactly right for you in this situation, how would you have to change?

·If you were not to hold back in your life, what would you be doing?

·If you knew that you are just as beautiful as you are, what would change for you?

·If you knew that you are intelligent as your bosses, how would you present yourself to them?

·If you trusted that your excellence will not put others in your shadow what would your goals be?

In twenty days time I will be arriving in Greece to lead this years Inside Out Writers retreat. Leading a small intimate group which means more time for you and your writing we’ll be generating both content for your writing projects and tackling the things that threaten to get in the way of your making progress as a writer and your writing success.

So I’m curious, ‘If you tackled your limiting belief about your writing what would need to happen to have you join us in May?’

I’ve played around with some of the Incisive questions suggested by Kline and tailored them to limiting assumptions you might have about writing so grab a pen, notebook, journal or digital device and write out your responses to the following:

·If you knew that committing to this one action was vital to your writing success, how would you be approaching your work as a writer on a regular basis?

·If you could create exactly the writing life that was right for you, what would have to change?

·If you had to pull out all the stops to give yourself a week in Greece in twenty days time what would need to happen to make this a possibility?

·If there were no barriers or limits to your beliefs in yourself as a writer what would you be engrossed in writing about?

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Jackee Holder

Professional & Personal Coach, Author, Speaker & Journal Coach, Life Is A Work In Progress!

Jackee is passionate about writing and journaling and has filled the pages of over one hundred journals. Jackee holds a Masters degree in creative writing and personal development from Sussex University and is the author of four books, 49 Ways To Write Yourself Well, Be Your Own Best Life Coach, The Journal Journey Guidebook and Soul Purpose along with numerous workbooks, e-books, free journaling products and articles for a range of journals and magazines. Over the last ten years Jackee has coached and supported professional women, writers, creative artists, entrepreneurs and executives both on and off the page through workshops, retreats, one on one coaching, coach training and her online journal writing course, Paper Therapy I journal regularly, really enjoy podcasts interviews around journaling and expressive writing, along with writing blogs and articles on writing/journaling, reflective writing, mindfulness, time to think, mental health, personal growth and self-development. I am an early morning walker and love the early mornings when most of the rest of the world is asleep. I have a real interest in trees and tree mythology and love the way trees beautify our environment. You can find Jackee here: Twitter: @jackeeholder

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