Recruiting the right person for your team

I’ve got a fabulous team that has worked together for years and I love the dynamic and energy that we have between us. It’s time to recruit another person and I’m worried that we won’t find anyone that understands us and fits in from the outset. How do I get it right?

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The perfect time to have these thoughts is before you start your recruitment process. If you can be clear about the objective requirements of the role (the job description) and the traits of the person that would best fill that role (the person specification), you are halfway there to carrying out a meaningful recruitment process. 

Think about the team dynamic; are you looking for an extrovert? A team player? Someone who adds flexibility to the team? Where would they fit in the organisational structure of the team?

We have never created job descriptions or person specifications before during recruitment.  What is the point of doing so now?

It will shape your message to the world, through job boards, adverts or recruitment companies, about what you are looking for and hopefully deter some that may not be suitable for the position. 

You can use these documents to design your interview questions or assessments by tailoring them to identify the key characteristics that you are looking for.

More importantly, you can refer to them when scoring candidates for their suitability.

Should I involve my team in the recruitment process? 

It’s up to you. I guess that it depends on the size of your team and whether they need to be involved in the process and decision-making. It might be a bit daunting to have a second interview with six of your team though!

Sift through the candidates at each stage to find those that are suitable with reference to your dream specification and if you have any candidates left after the first interviews, perhaps consider a tour of the building and introduction to the team during the second interview or including one of the more senior members of the team in the second interview process.

If I find the most suitable person, what can I do to help them fit in?

Be open about the role, working environment and team dynamics during the recruitment process.  They may decide it’s not for them. 

It’s crucial to make them feel welcome from the outset. For example, you could send them a text from the team the day before they start saying that you are looking forward to seeing them. You could also consider assigning a ‘buddy’ to them to ease them into the team.

When they arrive on the first day, introduce them to everyone as part of their induction and explain their roles. Arranging a group event, perhaps a lunch, is a great way to get to know people away from the office - just make sure that you invite them!

Preparation is key, don’t skip it and rush head on into interviewing. Make sure you have a clear vision for who you want and then go get ‘em Tiger!

Nickie Elenor

I have been an employment law solicitor for 15 years.

I set up Your HR Lawyer as I was fed up with the call centre models and poor service provided by the big HR support providers. So my mission is to provide the creditable alternative. I am passionate about helping employers navigate through the sometimes complex world of Employment law in a commercially savvy and straight talking way.