The reasons behind the Happiness Club in Jersey

This is my first post, where I wish to introduce the motivation and intentions for the establishment of our Happiness Club in Jersey, Channel Island.

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…Happiness Club launched by the Psychologies magazine…’ firstly I just couldn’t take my eyes of it, and read it again and again with a bigger gaze and a bigger grin. Yes, I thought, this is the idea I have always thought of but have never acted upon, and now here it is, in front of me, very much captured in reality! I didn’t have to think twice, I’ve joined the movement, as I felt ready to make a difference, to make a difference to myself, to my friends, to others.

There is a very interesting characteristic to happiness itself; it can be defined in over 7.125 billion ways, the same number of estimated people on earth. Happiness is an individual state of mind; therefore its unique form and meaning cannot be simply seized by one universal definition. And what is even more fascinating, none of the definitions can be wrong or incorrect; they are all right, proper, equal and valid, as they are completely subjective encounters. This is just a subject of utter brilliance, so pretty to elaborate and write about!

As I contemplated the whole idea, I realised why I was so drawn to it, of course I had my own reasons for embracing in such a project. I recently lost connections with very close family due to their religious beliefs. The emptiness and pain of experiencing such a great and sudden loss took me on a journey of grieving, acceptance, understanding and humbleness but also made me realise that I want to make a difference, to mine and others lives. Everyone has their own reason and their own journey that leads them to decide on sharing the feeling of positivity and contentment with others. These motives don’t just exist in us innately, we do not inherit them either, they are being built in us daily, without any interruption throughout our life experiences and they carry on until we go…

This whole paradox of our existence is truly enchanting, to be able to experience pain, we have to first experience comfort, to see beauty we need to be exposed to ugliness, to feel hunger we need to feel satiety first, to taste sweetness we need to know how bitterness tastes and to meet happiness we need to first meet sadness… Without experiencing these essential contradictions we wouldn’t be able to feel, taste, hear or see all those sensations around us. Otherwise, we wouldn’t know what they are and we wouldn’t understand them.

Therefore I have no doubts that all of these people who are interested in endeavouring into this lovely, and passionate project of ‘Happiness Club’, are those who have experienced the whole range of the above, on many occasions and on different scales. All of us go through experiencing all of these general feelings of discomfort, lack of love or belonging, loss, sadness, illness, hunger, alienation and many others at some point of our lives, the only difference between us is the way we react to such encounters…

Now, we have got people around us whose reactions, sometimes cause a difference, stimulate a shift, inspire a movement or change in others, and this is brilliant, this is amazing. This is what happened to me, when I read the article about the ‘Happiness Club’ movement in Psychologies magazine! This one article has caused a rapid transition in my life and the lives of a few other people in Jersey, who joined the ‘Happiness Club’ with me. We are already walking examples of the impact that social gathering has on our moods!

Our group of Happiness Clubbers are fellow students of a counselling class including the tutorJ. We share common ground of interests and passions circulating especially around the aspects of wellbeing. All of us are involved in a variety of helping roles on professional levels and we feel super comfortable and safe with each other, therefore sharing and expanding on any features of happiness are fun, a pleasure and delight for us.

By pursuing the idea of such a club, we decided and we committed to make a difference to ours and other’s lives. This is itself a great responsibility, but what a pleasant and beautiful one! I am thrilled to be a part of it, and I am feeling ecstatic with joy that I decided to take upon the challenge to spread this wonderful idea around, to make it visible and contagious. I believe that it will work, as much as any other conditions, as Happiness is a condition, the condition of the mind!

I will get in touch soon, thank you for reading

Agatha x

Agatha Penney

Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Coach, Self-Love Clinic Ltd

Having a philosophical background I keep my mind open to what constantly unfolds around me. I believe that we all came to this world with a purpose and message to deliver. We are here to learn and we are here to teach. No encounter is accidental or useless. Each person crosses paths with us for a reason. Nothing is permanent. We can learn anything at any age. We are the only limit for ourselves. And they are just some of my beliefs…