A Walk in the Moonlight....

The sound of the river at night is the perfect soothing soundtrack before sleep

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Sometimes, when my husband finishes work late, we'll take our dog for a late evening walk in the woods near our house. We wrap up warm, grab a couple of torches and set off for a moonlit stroll, with the dog - who can't wait to get out and explore!

Being in nature is such a change to the busyness of commuting and the hectic 9-to-5, and as we get into the rhythm of our strides, walking side by side, conversation flows and we have a chance to catch up properly - without the distractions of TV and tech, or our two lively teenage daughters interrupting us.

The soft ripple of the river is the backdrop to our walk; it's a soothing soundtrack and we pause by the riverbanks, shining our torches on the glistening water. Our dog, Jess, loves being out at this time, sniffing around and discovering the twilight nightlife.

When the temperature drops, we head back home and warm ourselves up with mugs of hot chocolate or a glass of wine before bed. The benefit of exercise and fresh air in the evening often has a good effect, and I usually fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.


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Lynne Lanning

Art Editor, Psychologies