What extreme shyness taught one woman who learned how to shine personally and professionally

“What is the big deal if you mess up? Usually there isn’t! You just give it a try and nothing really happens if it doesn’t work out” Shay Allie, one of the stars of the film ’10 things you need to know to love yourself today’

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So we took 5 ladies, each with a beautiful story of overcoming adversity – everything from extreme shyness, illness, body issues, menopausal problems and losing their identity after giving birth and they all found their own way to self-love and acceptance.

Shay Allie, Barrister and the Founder of Inspire’d Stage one of the stars of our film '10 things you need to know to love yourself today', overcame incredible shyness to be the one who shines out in a room…and she really does! Shay has worked out how to capture an audience using tricks of the mind, her flair for fashion to take incredible risks and have them pay off plus she’s really mastered the art of talking herself down from the awful possibility of messing up!

And for most of us messing up really is a real cringe worthy fear – after all, everything is at stake isn’t it? Our reputation, looking…well…quite frankly an idiot, not remembering our lines on stage, launching a new business and having it flop, taking on a new job and not being any good at it, learning to drive and never passing the driving test….oh the stress we can put on ourselves!

You know, we are under so much pressure for each decision we make to be the ‘perfect one’, for each business deal we do to be ‘the big one’, for each relationship we have to be the ‘right one’ - it’s exhausting!

And if you’ve watch our film on FaceBook you’ll have heard Shay’s advice and this is it;

‘What’s the big deal anyway?’

What if, just for today, you suspended the belief that your choices, those decisions, that deal had to be ‘the’ one? What if you took the pressure right off?  Instead, what if you looked at it as a pathway, jumping from stone to stone along a path of your own creating.  What if we knew with absolute confidence that we could mess up and then get back on track again? That is the messing up of things, we were destined to be EVEN clearer about what we want, how to do it next time and felt surer of ourselves?   What if we used inspiration as our guidance rather than our very serious, over-thinking brain?

For my clients, this shift in perspective has been huge. I’ve seen perfectionists ABSOLUTELY peel themselves off the ceiling, come back down to earth and take a really different approach using that thought process.

One woman in particular has completely changed her attitude to things, she’s an entrepreneur, a mother of 2 and she’s gone from working at a screamingly high performance perfectionist (cannot-continue-like-this-pressure) to being much more relaxed, putting herself and her needs first, letting herself off the hook and taking care of her emotional needs.

Take the pressure off

What if you took the pressure off? Life doesn’t have to be that serious really. Let it be fun. Play. Try new things. Give them a go. Honestly….if it doesn’t work out, you’ll do something different, from a different perspective with brand new, incredibly valuable learning. You can never really mess up.

Trust yourself!

You are an incredibly flexible, versatile human being. Your mind works out solutions in an instant given the right playful attitude, your brain connects things together in a fraction of a second when inspiration occurs and you can get SO much done in such little time when working with inspired enthusiasm.

You have plenty of time, you can never mess up, you can always get yourself back to centre again and you were born to try all these things – so go ahead, it’s ok, take baby steps and do so with pleasure, self-love and a smile – you have our permission.

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Lynette Allen

Ceremony holder, Ritualista, Writer & lover of sacred plant medicine Cacao, A Woman's Blessing

Lynette Allen is a modern day medicine woman, using the sacred plant medicine Cacao, ritual and meditation to bring alignment to source and grounding to earth, for her and her clients. Her 20 year career has seen her write 4 books (her 5th to be released soon), she is a TV/Radio presenter, broadcaster and international speaker on the rise of the feminine (for corporates and the good of the earth). She currently lives on the edge of the jungle in Bali with her husband Mark and youngest daughter Livvie aged 7. She is also mum to Rosi and Nanny to Rhoda and Mac