Becoming Mindful and Finding Inner Balance

Seven powerful ways to be more mindful and find your Inner Balance

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Becoming Mindful and Finding Inner Balance

This is a toolkit of seven powerful techniques from my Success without Stress 30 day program. You can use these tools anytime and anywhere to become more mindful and re-balance your energy in less than 2 minutes. Yes! In just 2 minutes, that is so cool isn’t it! Learn these techniques and you will always find your inner balance.

1. Breath and Relax – Stop whatever you are doing for a couple of minutes of mindfulness. Slow down and focus on your breath for 2 minutes: this will re-oxygenate your system creating calm and greater clarity. I recommend doing this once in every hour. Give it a try!

2. Get out of your head and into your body. Take a moment to stretch, rotate your shoulders to release tightness, take a walk up stairs, stretch your feet and your toes; this massages all your internal organs via the many reflexes in your feet. A very simple way to re-vitalise your whole body.

3. When you can’t make a decision and you are feeling under pressure and overwhelmed, Do Something or Nothing – either is fine. Take a small step toward your goal - do something or stop and take a break, relax without feeling guilty and - do nothing. They will both help to clear your mind and propel you towards success.

4. Prioritise Ask yourself these 3 questions

·What is most important right NOW!! – in this moment?

·What do I need to do NOW?

·How important will this be next week?

Then give yourself space to become mindful and hear the answer from deep within. Let your higher self – your all-knowing, wise self, answer. This is great for reducing pressure.

5. Journaling – write a list of what went well in your day plus anything you need to remember for the next day. This clears your mind and creates space for you to relax. Focus on your Attitude of Gratitude.

6. Put on your favourite soft relaxing music – I love smooth jazz to chillax to.

7. Refer to your favourite quote or saying like: less is more or Slowly slowly. My favourite is All is well it works for everything, the bigger the problem the more appropriate it is. Some things we have to release, allowing a greater force than us to provide solutions. If your health is suffering, or the inevitable has happened, or it really is ‘that Bad’ know that in the larger scheme of things All is well!

A couple of extras for you

  1. Drink Camomile tea, it's a powerful relaxant.
  2. Always drink plenty of water, remember, “whenever you are feeling low, reach for some H2O”.

When you take just 2 minutes, from the 1440 minutes you have everyday, to utilise the above tools, you will find Balance, the sacred potential for equilibrium you hold within. You may also realise that mindfulness, finding and maintaining balance can be much easier than you think.

"Health requires a little discipline for which you will be hugely rewarded"

I wish you every success with all that is unfolding in your life right now.

Be balanced, bodacious and beautiful!

Caroline Shola Arewa - Wellness Coach Trainer, Speaker, Author

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Caroline Shola Arewa

Psychologist, Wellness Coach, Speaker, Author , Energy 4 Life

Psychologist, Yoga Teacher, Wellness Coach and Author, Caroline Shola Arewa has inspired people worldwide for 30 years with her pioneering and award winning work. After the stress of running a successful fashion business, Shola went on a spiritual journey, climbing Everest, sailing the Nile swimming in the Great Barrier Reef and learning from wise Elders around the world. A journey that completely transformed her life. Now she is the founder of Energy 4 Life wellness coaching offering people the opportunity to get their Energy back and Life on track using health and conscious living techniques. She has five published books, including the best seller Opening to Spirit, now in its 15 year anniversary edition. Shola writes on psychology and wellness for numerous health and lifestyle magazines including, Yoga Magazine and Arik Airline. She is also a featured expert in the highly acclaimed film Yogawoman. As a Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Author Shola offers informative and fun presentations on all aspects of holistic wellness, mindfullness, personal development and stress reduction. "Transforming Lives and creating greater Health, Happiness and Success is my main mission."