Intensive Conjoint Couple Counselling - A fast track approach to relationship problems

Most people think of couple counselling as the couple and one practitioner helping them to sort out their relationship. This is a new possibility, which some couples may want to try.

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By the time most couples get to see a counsellor, the situation between them can be difficult to say the least. Some are on the point of splitting up and sometimes one or other partner has to threaten to leave before the other is willing to get help.

In these circumstances, you not only need to get a lot of help very quickly, but it's also important that whoever's helping you feels like they understand you and they're on your side. Most couple counselling is offered, however, by one person, who is either male or female, usually for an hour at a time once a week or once a fortnight.

With intensive conjoint couple counselling, you can have input from two experienced practitioners, one male, one female offering up to two 1.5-hour sessions per day over two or three days at a time. After this, there's usually a gap of at least a month in order for you to process and put into practice the insights gained during the intensive work.

Typically, this way of working suits couples who, either for reasons of geographical location or work schedules etc., prefer not to commit to regular appointments, feel that their relationship is ether stagnating or in crisis and have the commitment to practice between the blocks of intensive work.

If this way of working on your relationship interests you, visit www.geoff-lamb-psychotherapist... for more details and for links to my female colleague Helena Løvendal's website

Geoff Lamb

UKCP registered Psychotherapist, Psychosexual Therapist, Couple Therapist, Supervisor