Does the Sound of Others Chewing Fill you with Rage?

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If the sound of others chewing (or crunching, or sniffing, or coughing) fills you with rage, disgust or violent thoughts  you may well be suffering from a condition called Misophonia. This is a rarely known but common condition in which a person has an extreme emotional response to commonly occurring "soft" sounds, or visual images. It is now estimated that  15% of the population suffers from misophonia of different intensities , and most of the people affected suffer in silence because they are too embarrassed by their feelings, or  think they are just plain "crazy, bad people". But Misophonia is now recognised as a real condition, and Tom Dozier's new books on it are a revelation. New treatments are also being offered, several of which have had excellent results.  For more information, contact Tom Dozier in the USA, or myself in the UK. Tara Economakis www.lastingchanges.co.uk  Info@lastingchanges.co.uk.

Tara Butler Economakis

Fifteen years experience, especially with children and young people. Expert in treating Misophonia and anxiety UKCP, BUPA, and AVIVA registered