Happiness Club - Month Three

We are infecting the West Essex community with happiness....

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Tomorrow, will be our third happiness club meeting so I thought I should update you :-)

Month one, 5 people attended the group to discuss happiness and giving. I decided that I would open the group to the wider community and therefore I only knew one person. At first, I think people felt a bit unsure of what the group was all about but in the end we were all laughing and sharing our plans to give more to our friends, family, neighbours etc. The group ran over by an hour as we couldn't stop talking!

Month two, 9 people attended the group to discuss happiness and relating... and boy, were we good at relating!! The new comers felt at ease and previous members now felt like friends!! The first month I had baked cakes to give to the group and this month one of the members made an amazing cake!! Everyone felt happier having attended the group, it was amazing! We had tears, laughter and deep conversations around connecting and the vulnerability that often comes with it.

Month three is tomorrow and the number of people who wish to attend has grown so much that the local rugby club has agreed to let us use their bar area free of charge! Tomorrow 18 people are coming to discuss happiness and exercise and a few people are baking cakes... It's turned into our 'Happy Clappy Cake Club'..... We're going to need an exercise plan to burn off all those extra calories!!!

The group has been truly wonderful, I have made new friends (The Happiness Tribe) and certainly feel happier for creating it and I know that others are feeling happier and more connected because of the group. I feel grateful to both Psychologies Magazine and Action for Happiness for this positive chain reaction.

Caroline Ley

Psychotherapist, Cherry Tree Therapy Centre


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over 6 years ago
Sounds super positive Caroline! Well done :-) Looking forward to reading more on your experience