12 Mantras for the Authentically-Dressed

I'm gonna get radical. For a few minutes, lets forget fashion mags, new season trends, mannequins in store windows. That's right - forget them. Lets forget the advice of attentive sales people. Lets forget what we 'should' be wearing at our age. I've curated 12 mantras for the authentically dressed wardrobe-rules rebel...

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Rules are helpful, they really are. They give us guardrails.

I spent years styling people in technically 'perfect' ways - the right cuts and colours. But beyond knowing what suits your shape and colouring, is the style promised land.

Know the rules like a pro, (as Picasso said) so you can break them like an artist.

The people whose style I most admire - and many of them feature in my column, How to Look Like Yourself - understand that authentic style is an organic concept. It's more about exploring and empowering the self, than it is about showcasing trends.

Here are 12 mantras for people who dress with unabashed authenticity. Which one resonates most with you?

1. Dress for the mood you want, not for the one you might have.

2. Style doesn't have to be loud. Subtlety rocks too.

3. Gorgeous manners are evergreen - and compliment any look.

4. Clearouts are empowering.

5. Confidence doesn't exist 'out there' somewhere. Claim it. It's yours for the taking.

6. Psst: your inner critic is not a stylist. Take some chances. Clothes are supposed to be fun.

7. Getting too serious is a kiss of death for style. But only always.

8. Self-check: how am I carrying myself?

9. Enter a room pretending that you know a delicious secret. It gives you twinkle (tip from an actor friend - it really works!).

10. Believe you are gorgeous. I mean really believe it. Watch how everything changes. So much of style is an inside job.

11. Accessorise with playfulness, a sense of humour and curiosity.

12. Style is optimistic. It shows that you - and Life! - are worth making an effort for. Show up!

So go on, rise and sparkle!

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Dr. Mandy Lehto

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Go to the profile of Lauren Hadden
over 6 years ago
I love all of these Mandy, but especially nos. 2, 3 and 11...
Go to the profile of Dr. Mandy Lehto
over 6 years ago
Thanks Lauren! Clothes are only one component of authentic style....Glad you enjoyed it!
Go to the profile of Emily Ball
over 6 years ago
Love this! 7 and 11 are my favorites, but all of them make me think 'Yes!'