not making bee-r (fail 2)

Failing Vanessa's challenge

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When Vanessa sent the challenge to do something we used to do but haven't done for a while I was proper stumped on what to do. Most of the things I used to do but haven't done for ages have been because I've made changes to better myself or my lifestyle. Drinking coffee for example. I no longer get up in the morning and drink loads of cups to get me going for the day. I'd say at the most I have one coffee every 4-6 weeks, if that. 

I thought about other stuff I used to do but really struggled to find anything that was plausible. I then started to write a list of things I used to enjoy but haven't done for ages and low and behold making beer jumped off the page and slapped me around the chops. Yeah! I used to make my own beer. None of this malt extract out of a tin. I used to brew beer from raw grain. I loved it. And when we moved to our apartment last year I kept all my beer making kit, maybe thinking I'd start again somewhere down the line. I stored it in a cupboard in a secret cavity near our sloping roof.

I dug out a few books and started to relive the great times brewing my own beer. Sometimes the beer was nectar from the gods and other times it was some of the stuff they serve at Wetherspoon's, ahem.

I spent a few days planning my big brewing day. I'd got prices on grain, a recipe for pale ale and had planned it to the letter. Then just as everything was coming together our neighbour told me and Sarah and Bobby (although to be fair Bobby wasn't listening, just checking out the latest dog e-mail on a lamp post) that in the morning there was a swarm of hundreds of bees covering our gable end. To which on the other side was the secret cavity with my beer equipment.

We were informed that the bees are in fact masonry bees and they rarely sting. But seeing as there was a swarm of hundreds and I know where my luck starts and ends I didn't want to chance it in any way. So for now I have put it off while the weather is warm. When autumn comes I will take a chance and open the small door to the secret cavity. The last thing I need is to open the door and a hundred pissed off bees attack me and Bobby gets involved thinking its a game of catch as many bees as you can in your big beautiful black mouth. I've never seen a black Labrador with a big swollen face of bee stings and I never want to either.

So, all in all it was a good challenge that I have failed but will be accepting the moment I have the courage to open that secret door. This is a challenge I look forward to completing in the future. But for now I must buzz off. Thank you Vanessa for the re-waking of making beer.

Mark Cuddy

Someone who learned to wake up


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over 4 years ago
First, kudos for leaving the bees alone and not calling an exterminator! It is a sign the time isn't right, but I'm enjoying thinking of you lifting a glass of your own brew in the autumn!
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over 4 years ago
Vanessa, I am one of those sad people who usher flies and spiders and wasps out of his dwelling instead of splatting them. Ha-ha, you couldn't make it up. I could have a huge spider near me and I have to get apiece of paper and a big enough glass not to squash it, then transfer it into the glass and then pop it back outside - it's ridiculous. As for bee's they are lovely little things, and I was stung by one as a kid. I love the noise they make. I've been informed the masonry bees will be gone by the end of September, fingers crossed.
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over 4 years ago
I save them too.. the idea is there..the time will come when its right Mark. :)