It's only a game (fail 1)

Failing your own challenge

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Have you ever set a 'wake-up' challenge and failed it?

I have (I burst into big belly laughs thinking about the failure)

I set a 'wake-up' challenge with good intentions; visit a shop you wouldn't ordinarily go to and find out what it's all about. I chose GAME. This was my first choice. I'm not a person who is remotely interested in video games but wanted to try and get a perspective on why so many people are into video gaming.

After spending a great night out at a Mickey Flanagan concert in Birmingham, the following day in high spirits I made my way to the Bullring to carry out my challenge. When I got to the shop I just couldn't go in. It was like a huge force field was stopping me. I felt embarrassed walking in. A negative voice in my mind was shouting at me, "That place is for geeks, Mark!"

Like a coward I walked straight passed it, sweating at the thought of being seen in that shop. 

I looked around the Bullring and couldn't workout what the issue was with me walking into a video game store. I mean, who cares where I shop? 

I'm still coming to terms with it and have to ask myself did I struggle carrying out a simple challenge because I see people who play video games as childish or geeks? Or was there something else going on that I'm unaware of. Then I spotted an Ann Summers shop and realised I feel the same way about walking into a shop like that. Am I worried people might think I'm a pervert (which I am not - honest, ask my wife. We don't have bondage in our apartment or anything remotely kinky, honest). 

I realise I have to beat my fears and break down barriers that are still holding me back. On a positive note my failure to carry out a simple challenge makes me feel good I've still got a lot to learn about myself. And I'll live with that, for the moment.

Mark Cuddy

Someone who learned to wake up


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Ffi Ffi Trixibelle over 3 years ago

That made me giggle !!