a wake up challenge from the ghost galleon

sometimes the waves crash against our bow but they can never sink us

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Ghost Galleon. Crew of 2. Our aim; to sail the seas of self-discovery and stay clear of auto-pilot. Always on the lookout for further ship mates.

In our second year in 'wake-up', the crew has seemingly been whittled down to two. There maybe others on the galleon, maybe hidden amongst the rigging or rafters or seeking solace down with the cargo after far too much grog. We just don't know.

If there are other's they seem to be missing the beautiful breeze that floats daily through the ship making us feel fresh and alive. If they fail to raise their heads in the morning they miss the splendor of the glimmering sunlight dancing off the waves. If they miss the sun in the day time, they miss the blessing it brings, warming us with it's beautiful rays and making us feel like royalty; sun kings and sun queens. If they fail to appear by night they miss the shinning silver moonlight making us feel like true moon dogs.

I shout to my ship mate, Fiona, "Ahoy there, matey!"

She replies full of fun in her voice, "I'm still here, skipper!"

A broad smile cracks across me face. And we continue to sail the course that was set.

I set another challenge, as it seems a long time since we had one...

'Shop in a shop that you've never visited before.'

This shop could be anything. If you're not into DIY visit a famous DIY shop. Open your eyes to what they sell and who they sell it to. Try and get a grasp on someone else's hobby or thing. You don't have to buy anything, you're just there to see what it's all about, in this world you've got little interest in. Do this and you will be opening your mind to new ideas and steering clear of the dreaded auto-pilot.

Captain Marko, the good-ship Wake Up.

PS Even though I've set the challenge I will take part in the experiment. Watch this space for my feedback, could be interesting.

Keep smiling ship mates.

Mark Cuddy

Someone who learned to wake up


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over 4 years ago
Message received loud and clear Captain...!