Group Analytic Psychotherapy

Difficulties experienced by everyone are always within a context of relating to others. This can be with friends, family, work colleagues or housemates, even though it can feel that one's problems belong solely to oneself.

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The Group is often the ideal place to explore relationship problems. It can provide multiple perspectives and the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others.

We are all born into a family group, regardless of the specific membership, such as single parents or same sex parents. For this reason, groups are the most natural arenas for dealing with all of life's stresses. It is through our family groups that we first learn how to relate to others.

Whatever your concerns or interest, Group Psychotherapy enables you to explore how these earlier experiences of relating have shaped your current situation. Perhaps you are looking for ways to deepen your understanding of relationships or just feel frustrated and unhappy that they are not working out in the ways you had hoped. Maybe you are disappointed in aspects of your working life and know you could be more creative and fulfilled. These days, we are living in a competitive world which is fast moving and emphasises the individual, which leaves people feeling alienated from one another. Group Psychotherapy challenges us to slow down, to sit and feel and think with others. This makes it possible to confront questions about power, envy and inequality, as the group grapples with the injuries of living in an unjust world.

Psychotherapy Groups provide a safe space where issues that concern you, can be thought about in depth in a climate of support and understanding. These Groups are places which provide a setting where you can be yourself and relate to others as yourself.

philippa marx

I have considerable experience spanning 40 years working as a counsellor and psychotherapist with individuals, groups and families, within the NHS, SSD's and Voluntary Organisations. I have trained and supervised on Intercultural Therapy and Group Psychotherapy Training courses. I worked as a Consultant Psychotherapist for an NHS Trust for the past 17 years. I am now in full time Private Practice working with Groups and Individuals.