10 Qualities of Being Bold for Change That Will Inspire You Part 1

According to the World Economic Forum, the gender gap won’t close completely until 2186. That’s 169 years until we achieve true equality for women. With such a sobering statistic, you can see why the International Women’s Day team decided on “Be Bold For Change” as this year’s theme: We ain’t gonna close that 169 year gap any faster by quietly waiting for change to happen! This week’s post is about being BOLD in your life, because change happens one person at a time. Each of us can make a difference – by aspiring to reach our own potential, each in our own unique way. Being bold for change starts with you!

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When I started pondering on today’s post, I asked these questions:

  • What does “BOLD” look like?
  • What kind of qualities does a “bold” woman have?
  • What can we actually achieve in our own lives - and therefore have an impact on the whole world - by being bold?

My thoughts turned to the bold women I know – clients, friends and guests on my Inspiring Women Interviews show.

I started asking my Academy members and Stepping Up members about being bold. And this post grew and grew! So much so, that it’s become a ten-parter.

Please remember, as you read these stories, that these women are no more or no less special than you. They have no secret abilities, no special circumstances. In other words, these women are just like you.

So once you’ve read this week’s post, you can give yourself full permission to #BeBoldForChange ! By doing so you’ll be making your own contribution to closing that 169-year gender gap - simply by living your life with boldness!

1. They are bold enough to maintain their integrity, no matter what

Jenny Holloway, the most recent guest on my Inspiring Women interviews podcast has built her business on unwavering integrity. When she started a small sampling unit to support up and coming designers who were struggling with their business, it was based on the principle that they would NEVER let anybody down. As a result, the company built a reputation very quickly for being honourable.

People would ask for a sample of ten garments and Jenny would advise them to only order one and photograph it to see if it would sell. She would plan to make the garment only once the designer had received payment.

The company was built on this “unheard of” principal - Jenny would not take people's money unless she knew that they were also going to make some money.

Jenny’s company grew massively when she approached ASOS and was given a £230,000 loan to build a factory.

She insisted that the factory would continue along the same principles of integrity as the sampling unit. She refused to sub-contract. She refused to pay her machinists illegally with cash.

Jenny told me:

"I cannot look at myself in the mirror if I worked like that - you have to keep your spirit level, level. If you do things that aren't right, that bubble starts tilting the wrong way, and it goes out of your box. I just cannot lead my life like that.”

She is the Director of two multi-award winning social enterprises – Fashion Capital and Fashion Enter, promoting excellence in the fashion and textile industry and helping people within industry to achieve success.

Jenny says that the most important ingredient to the success of her companies is keeping her spirit level, level.

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