A Smart Woman's Life MOT: 18 questions to get you thinking.

Life in less than 300 imperfect words

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Here's the problem....we simply keep plodding along, we shelve our dreams for a more 'realistic' way of life. We don't check in with ourselves enough, don't take the time to pause regularly and to see just what is happening in our lives and whether we like how things are unfolding.

We tell ourselves that we should be grateful for the roof over our heads, the food in our stomachs and that annual holiday which we are practically dying to go on by the time the date arrives.

Yes, we should be grateful - no question about it BUT not to the point that we never question 'what is' or stop to ask ourselves 'what else'.

Why do we do this to ourselves?! Why do we accept our reality as if we have no power to make a change?....

After a recent conversation with a friend about my experience of struggling in a job that I loathed, I found myself thinking of all of the times that I felt 'stuck' in my career and life in general. I remembered how I was so focused on what I saw as the 'problem' that I didn't take the time to ask myself what I could actually do to change my situation.

As far as I was concerned, my issue was having a lack of money, I can tell you now - I was wrong.

  1. Is this really it?
  2. Are you putting your happiness on hold and why/what for?
  3. Are you waiting for the 'perfect' moment?
  4. Are you in any way hiding - in your business/career or life?
  5. Are you in a job that pays the bills but keeps you emotionally bankrupt?
  6. Do you find yourself doing the 'right' thing more often than you'd like?
  7. Are you ticking boxes but not really living with intention?
  8. Are you looking 'out there' for the answers instead of 'in here' ❤️?
  9. Be honest, is money really the reason why you're 'stuck' or is it something else?
  10. What might your life look like a year from today if you continue to do what you're doing?
  11. Why not you?
  12. What would you still do even if you might fail (Great question borrowed from Brene Brown)
  13. What would you like more of?
  14. What would you like less of?
  15. How might your life change if you cared less about what people think?
  16. Who would you become if you could let go of fear?
  17. What's stopping you from starting right now?
  18. What kind of support would you like to get yourself moving forwards?

(#1 was the question I asked myself 6 years ago. The answer woke me up with a jolt)

Which question has given you the most surprising/shocking/insightful answer?

What do you feel compelled to do next?

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