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Jacqui’s second challenge was for us to fully engage in the election. She asked us to listen and read what is being put forward, question our own views, listen to views we might not agree with and not to turn off.

Immediately I thought the lyrics of Oliver’s Army by Elvis Costello;

Don’t start me talking

I could talk all night

My mind goes sleep walking

While I’m putting the world to right

Everything is political, everything. Almost everything you do has a political bent to it even if you don’t think it does – it does.

I follow politics fairly closely, I enjoy it. Most of all I believe in democracy and have never cried if ‘my’ party doesn’t get into power. Why? Because I’m a grown man not a child and I believe in democracy.

Democracy is almost on its knees. Last year more people voted for Brexit than remain and more people voted for president Trump. Even if you don’t agree with the outcome of the result, this is what is called democracy. We don’t always get what we want. That’s democracy. I cherish it and I really could talk about it all night.

I won’t rant and rave because I’m an adult and I believe in democracy and a civilised society and what will be will be; the will of the people.


Thanks for the challenge Jacqui. I will definitely be engaged in this next election and continue to watch and think about my views and other views and not throw my dummy out of the pram when an election result doesn’t go my way (I never have, how could I, I watched the Thatcher government get into power throughout the eighties - very dark times indeed, even now some communities are still struggling with the aftershock).

On a lighter note…


Policies: eating, sleeping, having fun and walks up the Malvern Hills. And most importantly; free dog biscuits. VOTE BOBBY CUDDY (Independent Party)

On the campaign trail with Bobby (aka the Bobster); The duke of Malvern.

Mark Cuddy

Someone who learned to wake up